Website Maintenance service, what do you think thus far?

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It`s still a work in progress.
To come
logo - I`ve recently changed over to using wordpress for entire site, logo redesign coming.
package images - 150x150 ads in the side.
call to action on front page coming as well, I`m still thinking about the front page.
Any advice would be great.
Tertiustertius3/9/2009 7:24 AM


  • tertiustertius subscriber Posts: 7
    I`m actually using wordpress, and I`m not maintaining the website as of yet.  I`m still writing.
    I`ll let you know when I get to that stage.
    The tagline explains the meaning of the name of the business.
    Thanks for the input
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Maybe the main page should explain what maintenance is so that visitors know whether or not to look any further .... "Month to month website maintenance" isn`t very descriptive or informative.
    Although you list what you do for a customer, use a stronger message of why it`s beneficial for the customer.
    For an SEO service, you might want to look at your blog and see where you can add some of the basics .... if you`re not implementing them on your site, how are your services effective for others?
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I agree with Art.  A blog is not a website, so there`s nothing to critique.  How do you expect a potential client to have any confidence in your ability to maintain a website if you don`t show any examples, testimonials or references?
  • tertiustertius subscriber Posts: 7
    Thank you for your help Steve.
    If you would say a blog is not a website then you could also say that flickr is not a website.  Both are more specefic definitions of the larger model.
    You can use Wordpress as a CMS, if you don`t know what that is, I`ll be happy to explain it.  But that is what I`m doing.
    If you don`t think that a CMS can be a website, well, then it`s your right to have an opinion.
    Also, if, as you say, there is nothing to critique, why the post?
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    A blog is a blog - they all look pretty much the same.  Middle school kids are setting up blogs every day, so there`s no web expertise to sell on a blog.
    Yes, I know that there are some awesome sites built entirely on Wordpress or Joomla, but you are offering Website Maintenance - not Website Creation.  What if your client is using Dreamweaver, Coffecup or WYSIWYG for their web development - are you ready to take them over to maintain the sites, or are you just offering to maintain the content?  Do you have the expertise to maintain a site that is entirely hand-coded with a text editor?  None of that comes through in a blog.
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    Hey again Steve,
    You bring up some valid points.  It`s even easier to upload a "hard coded" html file to a server than setting up a blog.
    I don`t personally think that the product that I use to run/display my advertising is the sole reflection of the business that I run.  Wordpress is a very powerful CMS.  No I didn`t code it myself, but I don`t need to code my personal marketing/blog, there is ample software available to do just that.
    I`m more than capable to handle XHTML and CSS and most dynamic languages.
    And like I said, my "blog" is only part of my website, it`s not "just a blog".
    If you`d be happier with my taking out the "categories" and "archives" on the front page to make it "looks less like a blog", well I`ll probably do that anyway.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment
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    thanks so much for useful info
    jonnypak58/13/2009 9:13 PM
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