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Are there situations when registering things like your trademark, company name, logo, etc. with the state is enough? Is it ok to just go the state route immediately as you are just getting started?


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    The only reason I can think of
    to NOT register with the Feds is if you CAN`T register with the Feds or if you don`t care about your business reputation.  For example, if your trademark is generic there is no good reason to waste your time and money.  The down side to registering when you can is pretty small.  Even when your mark is not in use in interstate commerce you can still file an application and let the business grow into it.
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    Hey College Coach... Nice work on the website!  I see you have been doing some re-organizing.
    Thanks Casa! The feedback I got from SuN was great and I got a new outlook on what I really need to say. But none the less, it is still a work in progress.
    Ok, back to the topic...
    I know the ideal situation is to register federally, but does state registration have any benefits? Or should that step just be avoided and you just work with the federal stuff?
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    state registrations are better than nothing.  one advantage of the federal approach is that it covers ALL 50 states even if you are not doing business in all 50 states. 
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    I belive that when you regester with the fed you have to use the mark within a set time frame or you have to pay for the extencion. I also belive you are limited on the amount of extensions you can have.I belive your best bet would be to go with the fed if your company will be doing interstate business.But be sure to check with your attorney first. Good luck. 
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    How do you register with the feds? I have started a company which I hope to grow and I have just registered with my state. What else do I need to d?
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