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Safe Site For Business

CollegeCoachCollegeCoach subscriber Posts: 8
How important is it for business websites to include an icon indicating that the website has been reviewed by an outside service indicating that it is `safe` to do business with that site? I am guessing that they check to make sure everything you are posting is legitimate (address, phone number, etc.).
 Also, are there any site review services that anyone would like to recommend?CollegeCoach2007-3-15 22:26:4


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Having an SSL (secure certificate) is almost mandatory for any ecommerce site.
    For non-ecommerce sites, you can get various reviews... but customer testimonials/references and having your contact information - name address and telephone # is useful and can help instill "trust".
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    rvdebbyrvdebby subscriber Posts: 11
    I think it is important to remember who is your customer.
    I am selling items to people that rely on their computers, but do not know how to Google-sounds silly I know. They really don`t like their computers. They have seen and heard the horror stories either from word of mouth or on TV news stories. Whatever we can give them, new customers, that insures your legitimacy is important. Especially in a start-up business.
    I read the testimonies, but I  don`t use them to sell me on an internet company, they are too easy to invent.
    Trust is earned over time, but in the meantime you need to address the security situation.
    Just my thoughts.
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    CollegeCoachCollegeCoach subscriber Posts: 8
    Thank you all for your responses so far. I guess I may have mislabled the post by using the word safe, because I I am interested in hearing a little bit more about building `trust.`
    After I asked the question, I began trying to figure out what I look for when I am about to do business with a site that I located out of a need and have no previous knowledge. Personally I don`t really believe online testimonials, even if they include a persons name, state, or picture. Even if they are legitimate I would assume they would never include anything negative, and I have also come across more than a few that use stock photos with the testimonials which usually deters me from doing business because it makes me start thinking something isn`t right so I better beware! I am not anti-testimonials, they just don`t have influence on me unless they have done business with a large corporation I recognize.
    I also look for SSL when I am entering my credit card number or I am ok with PayPal as an option.
    ElidS`s post reminded me about sites that do incorporate the BBB icon. Normally I do click it to check the business out, and there have been a few occasions that I decided not to do business because of negative information that was reported. However I am still having a hard time identifying any other "approved site" type icons that I have come across that makes me feel `safer` using the site.
    I try not to penalize a small business because they are just starting out, because we all have to start somewhere. But there have to be clear ways that people can distinguish the good from the bad, and of course I want to include that in my site.
    Once again, any other imput would be appreciated.
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    Natalie222Natalie222 subscriber Posts: 33 Bronze Level Member
    Though this discussion is old, it is still useful, I should say, as I haven't thought about such a thing before I decided to build a business website. But I wonder whether all web design tools allow to make a website "safe". I'm going to use one of the eCommerce platforms from http://www.webbuildersguide.com/website-builder-articles/best-ecommerce-platform-for-small-business/  and I want to know if my site will be reliable for customers. Thanks in advance!
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