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A couple of years ago I had a friend who`s father owned a courier business.
He basically sub-contracted the work from a much larger courier
company. He owned about 30 trucks and made some pretty reasonable
money. The trucks obviously were branded with the parent company`s logo
and colors, furthermore then employees all wore the parent company`s
uniform. What I`m asking is how would you go about getting into this
type of a business? I have some money saved which could be used as a
down-payment on a couple of trucks and I`m sure I could find a couple
of friends/acquaintances looking for work. Do you think I should just
find a bunch of courier companies in my area and inquire as to whether
they are looking for sub-contractors?


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    That`s pretty much how it works! One of my friends started a courier company and really struggled until he got the subcontracted work from a larger courier. The big ones are better established and already have all of the important clients. Just call them up and ask! I would start with one truck though, you may be over-extending yourself if you pay for two or more without knowing that the work is there.
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    I am looking at starting a Courier Service myself and I like the info given so far. I was wondering if anyone knows of payment structure that Courier Services charge, ex... packages, parcels, Important legal documents and also Home deliveries. I am trying to find out if this venture is cost effective, or should I look at trying to sub-contract my services to some of the larger companies, also no one is actually hiring right now. Any help would be great.
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