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Change your Interest into Business

TimBTimB subscriber Posts: 4
edited May 2012 in Selecting a Business
Go for the business which suits you the most and you must have complete knowledge for this specific business. Knowing much is not good enough you should have complete knowledge about what you are going to start.
Some other factors are also very necessary to understand as weather or site, analyse each and every aspect.
It would be better if you start your interest as a business like IT professionals go for the business related to their interest and artists and photographers go for studios and chefs for restaurants etc.


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    jolisharmajolisharma subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes I am agree with it that always make a career or choose a profession in which you have interest. Choose  a business in which you are happy or have an interest as well as knowldge also.
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    Pharaoh_PrezPharaoh_Prez subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree to a point. One of the best books I ever read was Millionaire Fastlane and the author mentioned this topic. He made some good points too because when you turn your interest/passion to a business it becomes a job. For instance, some people love baking cakes so this person decides to create a business of it. It may have been fun while she was making cakes for friends and relatives, but once she has to take care of payroll, taxes and generating interest it becomes a chore.
    Like my brother and I are in business together. He went to school and got his bachelors in film. While he was attending school, he was pretty much allowed to create any kind of material he wanted for his projects. We both want to make horror films, but it was more financially responsible at the time to create informational business videos instead of doing what we want at the time. There's already a market for what we're doing. The process certainly isn't as thrilling as filming zombies behind camera lol but it pays the bills and eventually we can get to that point.
    So yes, I agree we should follow our hearts if you will, but only after we're financially set. Remember as entrepreneur we're all dreamers; the key is to have your dream based in reality.
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    KaitaHarrisKaitaHarris subscriber Posts: 0
    How do you \emph{choose} your research-interest? You do stuff (in class, e.g.) because you're supposed to. And then you become interested in the subject, or you don't (assuming a general interest in economics, which is the reason why we're doing all this).
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