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Fitness/health with 90k?

BbrayBbray subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2013 in Selecting a Business
Hi, I was looking for some suggestions on what type of business I could start with 90k in the fitness/ health industry. I'm open to all suggestions. I'm passionate about this area and I'be racked my brain thinking. I appreciate all of your feedback!


  • UABMedicUABMedic subscriber Posts: 2
    A gym can be a nice business, but they can and do fail. I open up medical offices, the majority of which I do or $90,000 or less.
  • AshleyWhiteAshleyWhite subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member
    Gym's are not unique anymore since there are lots of fitness clubs wherever you go. I suggest you think of a much more unique way to help people stay healthy and fit. New techniques in staying fit will do.
  • BbrayBbray subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the replies. Yea I was thinking if I were to start another Gym in the area it would need to be unique. I personally think the other local Gym is rather boring. My biggest concern would be if that $ 90-100k is enough to get it going.
    Do you guys know of a few great ways to research the market for something like this. Maybe some websites or products that would be available??
    I'm 25 years old and this would be my first go around at a business. I really don't want to screw it up by JUST following my passion if the area can't sustain it.
    I could use tons of information right now, if you guys have any more suggestions I'd appreciate your feedback.
    Thanks a lot.
  • JamiePalm3rJamiePalm3r subscriber Posts: 0
    I think it's important to decided whether not you're set on going brick and mortar if you're more set on making a presence on the internet. Do you have a favorite type of fitness/health niche? Personally I think gyms are a pretty big undertaking and it's best to find a smaller niche with a higher demand for products/services.
  • Coach-GlennCoach-Glenn subscriber Posts: 0
    You don't need 90k to have a successful fitness business - you need clients!
    My son operates fitness bootcamps and he put in less than 5k to get started. Bootcamps are the secret because you can charge less per person but coach more people at once = therefore you make more per hour.
    Bootcamps are easy to market ( www.increasegymmembership.com ) and people love them because it is a group activity. They talk, they challenge each other, they push each other, etc. If you have the right personality you can be very successful running bootcamps. Start up by running Sat morning bootcamps in the park, hook up with a local business with a large open space you can rent inexpensively, or lease a small section of a big wharehouse type building. Low overhead!
    Sell health products in addition to running the bootcamps - especially weight loss and energy drinks - you can contact me directly if you want to talk with my son and get going on the right money making track.
    Just my opinon,
    Coach Glenn
  • NormanAvilaNormanAvila subscriber Posts: 0
    Starting an online fitness business, selling fitness products or why not equipments would be a whole lot better in my opinion. And of course this can be done with $5k - $10k or even less, depending on what you will do (the amount goes up to 5-10k because you'd need some products you have on stock currently so that you could deliver first orders in time)
  • medspamedspa subscriber Posts: 0
    if he can do then this will be really great i must say.
  • FastUKmedsFastUKmeds subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member

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