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Contacting Celebrity for Permission/Partnership

EileenTEileenT subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2007 in Developing Your Invention
I have an idea that needs the support and creative talent of a celebrity cartoonist (think Doonsbury, but not) and I have no idea how to contact this individual without going through a syndicate (the word gives me chills). I want to pitch directly to this person, but he/she is not easy to track down via the internet except thru said syndicate. Any advice? Thanks, Eileen


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    EileenTEileenT subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for responding Steve! I need to get in touch with this cartoonist because this product will use his copyrighted characters. Am I looking at this the wrong way? I guess I am worried about the syndicates being involved because I am a small start up and they may pass this idea to an existing big business that can capture this idea...if they haven`t already, that is. It definitely is not on the market yet.
    I just looked at your site and your style is definitely in line with my company! I`d love to add you to my Buddy list...EileenT2007-5-7 12:4:16
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    EileenTEileenT subscriber Posts: 1
    My lucky day to have posted this question and you were there to respond! Thanks Steve. I will follow your suggestions. Sorry, I`m being so "Natasha" about this, but I`ve been reading too much on trademark and copyright laws to feel "safe" yet. The cartoonist is Pat McDonnell, just fyi....and eveyone else reading this.
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