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Business Story Website

I love hearing about different people`s businesses and how they got started but it seems like a lot of the coverage is on the high flying businesses like Google, Microsoft and such.  I want to start a website that lets ordinary business owners tell their story whether they are brick and mortar businesses or online businesses.  Not sure how or if I would be able to generate money from this endeavor but I would put the site up just to read the interviews.  I could set up a page that let business owners fill out a question and answer form with stock questions for them to answer.  Then post it in categories.  I haven`t found this type of site out there and wanted to know what people thought of the idea.  I am not sure if other people would find benefit to this type of site.  Any suggestions or feedback?
Jason Thoerner


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    REXMARTINREXMARTIN subscriber Posts: 0
    I have started up a new  business, it is related to computer stationery.
    I am selling mostly blank cds and dvds. I also sell pen-drives, head-phones, speakers etc.
    4th Dimension is a BPO.
    4th Dimension
    REXMARTIN9/8/2008 2:51 AM
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    thoerner13thoerner13 subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks for the welcome and the feedback.  You are thinking along the same lines I was about how to create a site that would let a business owner answer questions about their business online and then it would be formatted and posted on the site.  I would want to do a little background on each company with maybe some questions before posting it.  Just to make sure things were clear and in good taste.  I would ask for some pics to be uploaded of the business.  Of course this would be free to the businesses completing the questionnaire.  I think it would be a great way to get some free publicity for the companies that wanted to participate. 
    Would anyone on StartupNation be interested in posting their business on a site like this?  And any domain name ideas for a site like this? 
    I would have to work on some type of revenue model to at least cover the hosting expenses.  would love to make money off the site somehow but I hate trying to read things with ads everywhere so banner ads aren`t my first choice.  And I am not really sure how much I would make with adsense on the page either.  any other suggestions?
    Jason Thoerner
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    acruxadsacruxads subscriber Posts: 2
    I like the idea. It`s hard getting exposure as a young entrepreneur.
    Any blogs/sites that offer exposure is great. It`s also great for aspiring entrepreneurs.
    Good luck with it and please send me a link when you have the first version up.
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    AngelDoughAngelDough subscriber Posts: 0
    Very interesting idea.....I was thinking about interviewing serial entrepreneurs and creating a subscription based business whereby entrpreneurs would join to receive monthly interview on a specific topic....I have even own www.SerialEntrepreneurs.com (was thinking about also maybe publishing a book of the interviews....)
    Are you also thinking about offering a Q&A like Yahoo Answers or LinkedIn Aswers? that could be very cool, I am working on that now for a college student related site....
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    bradley1bradley1 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Brian,
    I really liked your post, interesting perspective. I was looking out for the same kind of information. Thanks a lot.
    _________________________Home Based Businessbradley110/4/2008 8:42 AM
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