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Developing a video for my spinning classes,  can anyone help or forward me in the right direction.  I have tried searching google and other search engine however not getting the results or the support I need to move forward.
Thank you


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    What I have in mind is much more advance than youtube.
    On a normal day the cycling class would start, lights go off or dimmed, the music has started, riders are preparing for a 60 min ride of his or her life, which includes sprinting, climbing up hills, riding on a flat road ( we as instructors have to bring people to this place mentally by using the power of words and the tone of our voice.)

    While watching the Olympics this pass summer. I watched the riders being monitored by the TV cameras and thought how great would it be to have these images up and running in a spinning class, ( over head projector, or TV monitor ) allowing each rider in the class to feel apart of an actual ride.  Of course each video would be customed built to the level of each class.
    I have gone ahead and TM the concept and have it Patten to protect this propect.  I am now needing the guideance to partner with to make this idea come alive. Thanks

    THMBJINC11/10/2008 3:24 PM
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