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What doors does Business Administration?

TheStreetTeamTheStreetTeam subscriber Posts: 3
edited January 2013 in Business Planning
I am currently doing this with work but do not know whether to complete it or not, it depends what doors it can open for me or what kind of work I will be doing, The company has 'plans' for me so I am supposedly getting a promotion, business administration as nothing to do with my current job.I left uni due to unforseen circumstances and was thinking of finishing my degree ( I have half) I want to see which will be better for me to do/complete


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    VictorWilliamsVictorWilliams subscriber Posts: 0
    Getting confused can be avoided only by listing all the pros and cons that will happen with continuing and leaving the current schedule being followed for yourself and the company. As obvious that all situations will be just hypothesized on the basis of observation but it would finally give you the direction to proceed on the correct way.
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    candymancandyman subscriber Posts: 0
    business adminsitrattion is a great subject, and of course it open a lot of doors, .
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