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PR Through Support Marketing

Bob-YeagerBob-Yeager subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2012 in Public Relations
Support Marketing for Public Relations and Viral Marketing
It becomes increasingly difficult for people to properly market in the online environment because they tend to forget they are supporting and building rapport with an existing community.
I've been designing a support marketing for public relations and viral marketing strategy for the past ten years and here's what I've found.
- When video marketing, create Q and A videos, as well as audio versions of your short Q and A's to answer the most popular and pressing questions in your market space.
This will allow you to expand your reach and have a better ability for people to find you through search. Also, they WILL share your videos and pod-casts with their friends and colleagues.
- Blogging is great if you are leaving breadcrumbs. What I mean here is, when you blog, lead your readers from your blog to an expanded view of the information in your post, to a YouTube Video.
From YouTube, lead people to an article you created.
From the article, lead people back to your final views back on another blog post of yours.
People like snippits of information and they like to move online. Construct the flow of their movements.
I talk more about support marketing in the audio on my profile, BUT let's get creative.
How can you ad to the Support marketing context of this post? Be creative and...
... MOST importantly,
Have fun!

Bob Yeager - Founder of The World Entrepreneur Success Training Program
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