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Invention Home Client Feedback?

tjbeaulieutjbeaulieu subscriber Posts: 9
I am currently reading up on Invention Home, a company recommended by the Startup Nation site for aiding in commercializing one`s invention.  I`d like to hear from anyone who has gone this route and how it`s worked for you.  Thank you in advance for your sharing.
Theresa J Beaulieu
Bejewelled Hair, LLC


  • Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    If they ask for up front money, don`t do it!
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    i heard they ask for money up front.
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Hi there Theresa!  This might sound like a stupid question, but do you have an invention you would like to bring to market?  If so, why do you think you need an invention promotion company?
  • tjbeaulieutjbeaulieu subscriber Posts: 9
    I do have an invention that I`d like to bring to market.  I have received a patent pending (provisional) for my product.  I was curious about the company that was endorsed by the Sloan brothers on this site.  Where I do not have any kind of experience in this kind of endeavor, I was hoping to get some kind of direction that I could trust in order to further my business.  Currently, my product is handmade out of my home.  I`d like to get my product mass-produced in order to get into a much larger market.  I feel that`s where it belongs.  Any suggestions?  Thank you so much!
  • DugieDugie subscriber Posts: 0

    Hi Theresa,


    If you have a finished product ready for sale you may want to check out our new free, online marketplace called MatchProduct.com.  We launched MatchProduct to help entrepreneurs and inventors with fully-developed products connect with retail or wholesale companies.  There are no fees to list products on the site and we ask for a modest commission if we succeed.


    As for InventionHome, our goal is to help inventors license their inventions to 3rd party manufacturers or product companies.  In 2008, we succeeded in licensing 29 inventions.


      We do not charge an up front fee for our marketing efforts, we work on contingency.  The only required fee is to cover the cost of a basic invention portfolio ($599), which is used as the primary tool to share information with our network of manufacturers.  Currently, we have more than 3,500 companies that we work with.  I hope this information is helpful.

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