I need your input!

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I am putting together what I hope will be a truly valuable internet marketing resource called "Internet
Marketing Secrets Revealed At Last" and I want to make sure that I
don`t leave anything out. I need your input!
So will you let me know
your biggest question about marketing your website? It could be
anything ... even if you think it`s silly.
All you
have to do is type your question in the little box on my website and click
submit. In exchange for your question, you`ll automatically receive a free copy of my new book  before it is released to the market.Check it out: AskTheInternetGenius.com
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    If you are going to have other people do your research or write your book for you, you should not give them a "chance" to win your book - you should just give them a book as payment if you use their question and/or advice.Thanks for the great advice ... you are right about giving people a "chance" to win a copy of the book.As you can see, your input was well-received and I have updated my website and forum post accordingly. I appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback!I`m not planning to have people write my book for me ... I simply want to know what their #1 question about internet marketing is!And while it is possible to find virtually any kind of information on the internet (including the information that will ultimately become a part of my book), the true value comes in compiling that information into one single place.Of course I don`t claim to know everything there is to know about internet marketing!!  A true "genius" doesn`t necessarily have to know all the answers ... but I do know where to find the answers, and if I can help point people in the right direction, then I will consider myself to be successful.InternetGenius2007-5-9 15:54:4
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