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Lots of visitor but few sales

monsoonvtmonsoonvt subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2006 in Sales
We started our online web catalogue and we get about 100 visitors a day.
Very few sales come from those visits and our prices are lower than any
of our competetors. We would love it if you would critique our web store
for usability. Thanks! Julia and Tracy at www.monsoonvt.com


  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    We started our online web catalogue and we get about 100 visitors a day. Very few sales come from those visits and our prices are lower than any of our competetors. We would love it if you would critique our web store for usability. Thanks! Julia and Tracy at [/QUOTE]
    I took a look at your web site. Although you have everything in order the background color is too hard on the eyes. Try using a softer color. It gives me a headache after awhile of staring. Avoid bright red or bright blues for your background colors. remember the key is to convince your customer use tag lines like purchase now! or on sale! do a Christmas campaign or something to grab their attention
  • scinsacscinsac subscriber Posts: 0
    sorry... I like your products, but your site is very difficult to navigate.  Your color choice is a bit harsh, and the content should be centered on the browser (it appeared on the far left on my browser)  Also, all your links went to a choice of three pages, where I had to scroll down to find the item I was looking for.  I am not sure what to offer as to specific changes, but I would build the site a different way making it easier to get where you want.  I  agree with CraigL on his second paragraph, because of the links issue and all the scrolling, I also was ready to leave your site.  Please do not take this the wrong way, I think I sound rude, but that is not my intent.  I think your products will sell, especially being endorsed by Oprah, but your site needs to grab your customers and keep them interested. 
  • heritagetoysheritagetoys subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree with the comments above.  I did not like the colors, the page was too long, I had to scroll down.
    I wanted more info on the toaster and when I clicked on the image it brought me to a long page of all your items instead of the toaster.
    I do like your products and I think you would do well in investing in a website redesign.  The internet is growing and I think your products would do well.
    I hope this helps  Fell free to e-mail me if you want more specific answers.  I am in Western MA and my hubby and I are so into online retail!! It rocks
    All the best.
  • enlightDanenlightDan subscriber Posts: 0
    You really want to have some captivating content on that first page. And by first page, I don`t mean content you have to scroll down to. That first thing that pops up on a user`s screen (avg. 800x600 resolution) should have something really inviting for the prospective buyer.It`s tough to turn a surfer into a buyer. In the E-Commerce developer world, we talk about conversions. Conversions are about converting web surfers to buyers. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but primarily you want to focus on your search engine optimization. Having a solid, standards compliant website is what will boost your natural search engine rankings. Why search engines? Because when people are searching for something, there`s a good chance they`re looking to buy, not to browse. Get those quality customers via search engines and you`re bound to bring in some more revenue.
  • JWDesignCenterJWDesignCenter subscriber Posts: 1
    I`d definitely consider re-organizing your categories on the left.  Lump Cameras into one section, toasters into one section etc etc... then you can break it down after they click on those categories.  You could even set it up so that you can track which sections get the  most clicks.  Eliminate products that have little to no interest and make room for products that do.  The comments about the color choices above are right, use the bright colors (orange or red or whatever) to pop.. to draw the viewers eye to something in particular.  Although keep in mind that your products are pretty darn colorful on their own.. and with good pictures, they should be able to speak for themselves.  Your site should showcase the products, not the other way around.  People want to buy from places they trust.. make your site professional, and easy to use and you`ll have buyers in no time !
  • monsoonvtmonsoonvt subscriber Posts: 1
    [FONT=Couhttp://www.startupnation.com/pages/community/smiley s/
    smiley1.gifrier]Wow, we already have great results from your wise tips.[/
    Just want to thank you all for your imput, also, we just became EBay
    Powersellers! (we used your advice on our ebay store too)---We have a lot
    more work to do to make our site even more user friendly, but it feels as
    though we are on the road. The toll free number was a great addition
    and we toned down the color to make it easier on the eyes. Probably the
    greatest tip we got was on how we failed to capture a consumers
    attention in the first screen that appeared, and there was way too much
    Like I said, long row to hoe still, but just wanted you all to know, we really
    appreciated the heads up. Lot of wisdom happenin` here.
    Thanks, Julia and Tracy at monsoonvt.com
  • monsoonvtmonsoonvt subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Cartess,
    We are signing up for the `test drive`, if it works it will be fantastic. Thank
    you! Julia
  • Jason5yuanJason5yuan subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Julia,How do you get the visitors?  I want more visitors for my sites too.  What do you use?  adwords?Thanks
  • PDWPDW subscriber Posts: 3
    I think Aweber.com is a great site but I use www.constantcontact.com</A>.  They have a fantastic customer support system and they go out of their way to help with your email campaigns.  Very User Friendly.  It took all of 15 minutes to get my first email campaign created and sent out.  Also, they allow you to add subscriber email addresses manually without first sending an opt in request.  This comes in handy when you are beginning with just family and friends email addresses.
  • tpietrowskitpietrowski subscriber Posts: 2
    I am like you, I get tons of hits and no calls or buyers. I was doing the pay per click thing and it was getting expensive with no leads. How do we track who has been to the website? Is their a program that is affordable or built for small businesses? I would like to track and see if it`s MD`s on my site or other billing companies comparing services.
  • Jason5yuanJason5yuan subscriber Posts: 3
    you should try google analytics to track your visitors` behavior.  It`s free, you dont even need to use google adwords to use it.  Powerful enough for all the info you need.  
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