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An Impossible Dare???

TheMillionDollarDareTheMillionDollarDare subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2007 in Website Critique
My site is www.themilliondollardare.com. I need not only critique on my site, but would also appreciate any suggestions on how to make the site work.  While I realize the site looks like it is asking for free money, what I am really selling is entertainment.  My goal is to capture people`s imagination and heart through a blog, and make money in doing so.  Any suggestion in going about doing this?
In addition I realize one of the biggest obstacles is getting my name out there.  How do blogs get famous and a good following?  The funny thing is that I learned Typepad and blogging over the weekend, and www.themilliondollardare.com is what I have as a result.  So I am WIDE open to any suggestions and advice that anyone can give me.
Someone was telling me about startupnation and how great it is, and from the looks of it it looks like I will be spending every hour I am not on my blog here picking your guy`s brain. 
Thanks in advance.


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    So, in a nutshell ..... people read your blog based on a crazy idea about you trying to get rich from others through "donations" ....
    "to capture people`s imagination and heart" ..... and this is going to get folks to fork over their money?
    I can be entertained on a website without making donations .... how are you going to convince me to "donate", when I`m not even sure what the entertainment factor is from your site? Your quest to becoming rich? I`d rather spend my time making myself rich than reading about someone else doing it by asking for handouts in a blog.
    MillionDollarHomepage at least offered people something for their money, i.e. a place on their site, even if it was small; people that bought into it could at least say "Hey, I`m on there". From your blog, they get, what, their name mentioned? a prize? a warm fuzzy feeling for giving you some cash?
    Just my opinion .... you have a lot of convincing to do. If you make it, fine, but don`t count on my money.
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    TheMillionDollarDareTheMillionDollarDare subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your candor.  While I am hoping to get money through donation, I am also looking for comission through Adwords and Amazon.  You are right though, maybe I should offer more. What would you suggest? 
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