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I just joined SuN and I`ve entered the Homebased 100 competition -- we`re at the top of the Most Glamorous category with a few other businesses.  I`m working in a culturally undeveloped and rural area of Northern California, just outside the Napa Valley, to develop tourism, serious concert dance, and high-quality dance instruction through performances, classes, a concert series, and, eventually, a dance festival.
My business is unusual, so I`ve had difficulty finding self-help and I`m hoping that the creative people here will have some information that a penniless artist with a start up can use to keep the ball rolling.  We are building considerable momentum just because there`s never been anything like us  before -- right now dance performance and instruction barely get beyond the dance school recital -- and my inexperience with business development and related stuff makes me nervous. 
Currently I`m stumped on the financials for my business plan, two actually -- one for the Dance CoOp and one for the first production I want to fund -- and am looking for local supporters who will help fund the hiring of a professional to do it.  I`ve also pretty much exhausted my web design skills and it`s time for our own domain and a site that looks like I want it to look rather than the best I could do by the seat of my pants.
In November I`ll be applying to the New York Foundation for the Arts` fiscal sponsorship program which will let me work under their nonprofit umbrella while I develop my own 501(c)3.
I`m looking forward to connecting with people here!


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