Any mover-shakers out there?

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My inverter prototype after many iterations is now functional.  Now I`m revising the executive summary and business plan to eventual presentations to VC and angels.However I live in a small Northbay SFO town near Santa Rosa, CA and know few talented people to form a management team.  In a nutshell, my new generation of inverters (used in solar energy systems and UPS etc...) offers double life at half the cost, not counting higher efficiency.I`m looking for candidates for executive managers of the company and welcome referrals.  People living north of San Francisco preferred (Northbay), or Silicon Valley.FYI, I`m already in contact with many VCs during funding phase of my previous company, which is an on-going concern.  Inverters and alternative energy form the fastest growth segment industry, currently 10B dollars. California governor boosted budget for alternative energy to tens of billions the next 10 years.


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    This might not help you right away - but I have a good friend who`s very knowledgeable of solar and he`s bidding some large commercial projects in solar.  He`s not a management kinda guy - but when you get to the marketing and selling part- he`s very savvy.  Very sharp.
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