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Mobile App Development

ChicoMattChicoMatt subscriber Posts: 2 Member
edited August 2016 in Business Planning
I am looking into having an app made but I don't exactly know how the entire process works and everything I need to get it to and maintain it in market. So basically my question is what is everything needed to get an app to market and also to maintain it. Both Apple and Android. No detail is too small. I know I will have to pay someone to develop the actual app but what are some other costs I can expect to incur? Do I have to have a website to have an app? Do I have to choose and register a domain name like I would a website? Basically anything you guys can think of would help me out. I don't want to dive right in without knowing what I am getting myself into. Thanks everyone.


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    AbbiHattonAbbiHatton subscriber Posts: 0
    it is very helpful..as mentioned,,in hello world sample program,,i am able to see hello world on my web browser mozilla..but how to deploy it on the android simulator... i am unable to understand ,,in the tutorial it is mentioned that ..... ////////////////////////////For emulator... place the files on a web server (preferably on your development machine or nearby). Once you've done that, you should then be able to run the application up on a mobile device emulator:.. ////////// so i want to ask that i need a web server..if yes than,,which one..apache tomcat...or somthing else.... after that,,it is not mentioned that how to deploy it with emulator..if i talk about,,android... i have android sdk on my machine...
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    indiawebdevelopindiawebdevelop subscriber Posts: 0
    Now a days the mobile users are booming and they want more mobile apps. We are the best mobile app development services provider company in India with 100+ talented mobile app developers. Our well experienced mobile app developers can create any platforms mobile apps.
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    johnlik342johnlik342 subscriber Posts: 0
    The mobile appliucation development is required when As for the app, depending on who posts the app on iTunes, you will need to become iTune certified as well. Then there is the issue of updates and maintenance. Apps can cost anywhere from $0 to $25,000+ depending on what it does. That is also for just one media device and you did not even mention iPad over iPhone. The cost of a mobile website also depends on what you want it to do but can costs
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    salidasalida subscriber Posts: 0
    I had no idea that mobile app development could cost so much. I guess I had never given it much thought. There is a lot of information that one must research before they dive into this process. It has to be maintained and you have to think about multiple devices as well as Apple and Android. I think in today's technology driven world the benefits may outweigh the costs when it comes to mobile apps.
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    PortfolioBuilderPortfolioBuilder subscriber Posts: 0
    The advice about creating web apps is completely wrong. Web apps 90% of the time is not the better solution over native applications. I am a native developer and I've seen companies make this mistake time and time again. They believe that they will save so much money by creating one app for all platforms, and then later regret it as app performance, efficiency and stability causes them to re-roll natively. You end up spending MORE money. Stop spreading web app propaganda, it's really annoying. Go native, and create applications properly. Only under certain circumstances does it make sense to develop a web app. Figured I clear the air once and for all.
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    bburkeconsultingbburkeconsulting subscriber Posts: 0
    Agree with portfolio builder ^^
    When you build to be great at all, you wind up being the best at none, and perhaps average at many.

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    domoore91domoore91 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi, that is great that you've decided to have your own app. You can made it by yourself, but it would be too long, I think. So I can recommend you this team of developers http://www.nixsolutions.com/services/custom-software-development/mobile-development-services/. They will do all needed operations on the highest level.
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    Phillip222Phillip222 subscriber Posts: 3
    Recently I was in the same situation as you.(I was starting an online store for purchasing camping gear)
    Firstly I decided to have website made, as I felt personally that having a strong online presence is essential to a viable business.
    If you want I can show you how to create a cheap yet very effective website for your business.....
    The website was a great hit,I then decided to have an app made for my users as I felt the need for them to have access to my store at the tip of their finger tips...
    If you want I can show you how to create a cheap yet very effective app for your business.....
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    MariajerekMariajerek subscriber Posts: 22 Bronze Level Member
    Mobile App represent new generation. Clavax Technologies is among the fastest mobile application development Company that work towards turning incredible ideas into reality. Headquartered in San Jose, California, we strive to deliver the state-of-art app solutions in the best innovative way possible. Our Customer First Approach has allowed us to be named among top mobility solutions providers in US. We have been named the best by the top review and rating companies such as GoodFirms, Clutch, and GreatPlaceToWork, to name a few. Moreover, we have been honored to become certified partners with organizations like Kentico, MapR, and Hortonworks. We are always Live, Worldwide!
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    Equity4SweatEquity4Sweat subscriber Posts: 7
    I attempted to start my own busienss by hiring a bunch of freelacers or agencies to do the coding work for me. Lesson learned - if your busienss depends on the app, it is better to have an inhouse team build it - outsourcing the work will only lead to problems should you need to raise capital.
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    mathewthomasmathewthomas subscriber Posts: 2
    I can't say this is entirely true. We have worked with several individuals/startups who went on to raise huge capital from established funds. It depends more on the relationship you build with your technology partner and also on terms of engagement.
    Evangelist at Wiinnova
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    Lindsay45Lindsay45 subscriber Posts: 1
    Best wishes for you plans. Hope it will be fruitful
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    Ankita1234Ankita1234 subscriber Posts: 49 Bronze Level Member
    I am working in a mobile app development comapny and know how the process work for an app. Basically a website is needed as trust worthy reason. people should not call or complaint in play-store. they used to share there app reviews and if you have the positive review then the downloads can also increase.
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    AlbatrosAlbatros subscriber Posts: 1
    Good luck ;)

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    Abdul MalikAbdul Malik subscriber Posts: 1 Member
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