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Small Business Accountants

designInsidedesignInside subscriber Posts: 1
Hi everyone, I have recently started my own interior decorating business, and I have been struggling through the financials using Quick Books.  Though the software is great, I would still like the advice of a small business accountant specifically in the Chicago, IL area.
- Does anyone know of a good small business accountant in the Chicagoland area?
- What are some characteristics I should look for in a small business accountant?
- What are typical rates?
Thanks for your feedback everyone.
Bill Cherne
Design Inside


  • asykesasykes subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi,Sorry, I can`t recommend anyone, but this article might help you prepare to choose an accountant...Choosing An AccountantGood luck.
    asykes2006-11-7 20:14:25
  • jemjem subscriber Posts: 0
    I don`t have any recommendations  for your area,  but I was able to find  a great small business accountant through my local chamber of commerce. Perhaps that might be a good resource in your area also.
  • ElliElli subscriber Posts: 0
    You might want to post an ad on Craigslist for your area (http://chicago.craigslist.org</A>).  It`s free and attracts a ton of visitors.
    Rates range from $20 - $50/hour, depending on the complexity of your business, which QuickBooks version you are using and individual experience
    That being said, however, I certainly wouldn`t spend more than $30-35/hour for a bookkeeper, especially if they are not a CPA.  CPAs can charge an arm & a leg, so turn to your CPA in the beginning to ask about setting up your books and any tax advantages that may be available.
    Good luck!
  • EdLEdL subscriber Posts: 3
    Here is another thought:
    Why "..struggle through the financials using Quick Books"?
    Try a very simple accounting software:
    Small Business Acoounting by RealEasyBooks www.RealEasyBooks.com</A>

    You do not need accounting knowledge
    It has only the features you need and has
    Reports you can understand
    30-day Free Trial
    Only $99 EdL2006-11-20 17:25:2
  • SecondHandRoseSecondHandRose subscriber Posts: 3
    Good Morning,
    This is an area that I am not good at, so please help., today I finally received the fax that I have been waiting for since Hurricane Wilma. I applied for a S.B.A. loan. Today I was faxed "Business Projection Form". I am slighty overwhelmed. Since I work at home and my office is part of my living room, when Hurricane Wilma hit. My home suffered a great deal of damages. I believe this is a report that I have to send S.B.A. or can I pay someone to assist me? It is four pages of questions. I know that I am being approved they are trying to figure out how much. Please, I don`t want to blow this oppurtunity.
    Yours Truly,                                                                                 Rose M. Palinkas        &amp ;nbs p;         &amp ;nbs p;         &amp ;nbs p;         &amp ;nbs p;         &amp ;nbs p;         &amp ;nbs p;     http://secondhandroseboutique.comSecondHandRose2006-11-17 10:38:25
  • EdLEdL subscriber Posts: 3
    The following template should help:
    With RealEasyBooks 4 Year Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Template (Excel format) you enter only a few assumptions about your business and get a complete 4-year (1st year by month) forecast of Profit & Loss and Cash Flow.
  • designInsidedesignInside subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for all of the great replies everyone.  I am in talks with an accountant in my area, lets hope things turn out for the best, and I find an accountant that is willing to help me deal with the millions of dollars I plan on making in a few years. 
  • LidstromLidstrom subscriber Posts: 1
    I was under the impression that $25/hr was a good rate for general bookkeeping service. Guess it depends on the area.I would think that a small business would only need a CPA for certifying year-end financials (if even necessary) and tax work, letting a less expensive bookkeeper handle the other work for them.
    Lidstrom2006-12-9 14:17:13
  • AccountingAdvisorAccountingAdvisor subscriber Posts: 0
    Sorry about the delay in response but I just heard of this website last night and registered today.
    There is a website that you can use to search for individuals that are certified QuickBooks Advisors.  These certified QuickBooks Advisors go through a fairly significant training program that ensures they are knowledgeable in the setup and use of QuickBooks software.  I am certain that you will be able to find a few advisors in the Chicago area by using this website.  I am a certified QuickBooks Advisor and can assure you that my knowledge of QuickBooks increased dramatically throughout the training program. 
    The webiste address is seMemberSearch.ASP
    If you have any problems or would like more info feel free to let me know.
  • finnkevin4498finnkevin4498 subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    edited August 2022

    @Lidstrom $25/hr may be expensive some firms are providing better packages. I know one of them, which is CPA Clinics. They are offering a free one month trial. Their rates are also very affordable. I also get their free trial and now I am their happy client. The reason is their timely and accurate bookkeeping services.

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