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Kick Start Cart?

TeeTee subscriber Posts: 2
Hi all,
I`m new to the forum part of Startup Nation and have a million questions to ask (well, maybe not a million).  Today, I will only ask one. 
I have a member based website that should be up and running in mid January.  The members will be paying a small fee, sent a membership card and have full access to the website.  We offer discounts on products with retailers throughtout North America.  What type of program would I need that will take care of members when they sign up for membership and pay for the membership.  Would "Kick Start Cart" be perfect for my situation? PayPal? I will also be sending out a weekly newletter to over 30,000 members in 2007 (projected).
All advice welcomed...please!
Thanks in advance.


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    KittykatKittykat subscriber Posts: 0
    I recently your notice on startupnation.  I am curious to know "how did you get started with this business type".  I am looking in the same area and I go in circles.
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    TeeTee subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for your prompt replies and sorry for my delayed response.
    My partner and I hired a company out of Utah name Orgin3.  They will be our web designer and hosting service. We have two member based websites which will released for business in January and March.  I will post the websites onces we are a go.  The way my partner and I started this type of business where people pay a small monthly or yearly membership fee was from an idea based on magazine subscriptions.  An average magazine today is $4.00 per magazine.  The problem is that we spend most of our time on the net.  So, we decided to build two online magazines.  Full of articles, news, videos, forums and much more.
    We had the idea and the vision and we let Orgin 3 do the rest.
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    RichardBuggyRichardBuggy subscriber Posts: 4
    TeeIt`s a shame you didn`t say what you were doing back on the 12th. There`s a great package called Open Journal System (http://pkp.sfu.ca) written to produce open access academic journals. We`ve been using it to publish UTSePress journals for three years (my day job).I`m pretty sure it will do 99.9% of what you need "as is". It`s open source so you can easily add any missing features. Each magazine can be customized individually.Rich
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    TeeTee subscriber Posts: 2
    Hey Starcoder,
    We have another website idea that we would like to get started next month.  We want to use Orgin 3, but if you can give us better rates we might use you.
    Can you send me some examples of your work?  Your rates and the time line it take to complete a job.  The people we are using now are taking a bit too long (almost two months.)  We would like our next project to be completed and running by the end of Febuary.  We are also planning to have two more website projects by the end of 2007.
    Thanks!Tee2006-12-28 13:19:9
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