I want to start a marketing blitz, need help

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My name is Mike Bowman, my story, and my why, will follow in the next few sentences. I want to start a campaign to get people to join My Power Mall, the site will donate 6.5% of all profits to help terminal ill and disabled children. I like the idea that the want to help, I signed in for my mall, which is totally free, the goal is to build a network of malls in honor of my wifes little sister who lost her battle to lukeima at the age of 17. I will vow that 50% of all profits my site brings in will go to research. My rpoblem lies with the fact that i can`t get my site to open from email or from searching the internet. Can someone tell me how to correct this so I can build my links and the site actually open.
the site name is  http://www.mypowermall.com/mall/48816</A>
please advise.
Mike B. 
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