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Password Protected Membership Site/forum

justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
I`m interested in creating a membership site where only paying members can access things.  There will be another class of user that must be registered and login to access but they don`t pay.   
I`m looking for suggestions on what programs to look at for something like this.
Thank you SUN.
justryingtohelp7/20/2008 9:41 PM


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    What is the overall website going to be? CMS, forum, or what?

  • justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
    I`m leaning towards forum. 
  • RicWillmotRicWillmot subscriber Posts: 14
    I would also be interested in leaning how to do this on my CMS sites too, please?
  • justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
    Webline we`re like fish in a barrel tonight for you
    I looked at the phpbb site (a free open source), as  my host supports this - but honestly couldn`t find out much there.  For the none forum pages I will be using CMS as well. 
  • justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
    I just found this too http://cgi-central.net/ it`s some kind of script (I saw it on a site I had a trial membership of) so I gather it keeps track of who has paid, when a trial is ending, etc...don`t know how it is to work with though. 
    Calling it at night now.
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    Most CMS/forum types of programs have user levels, so that you can limit members of certain levels or groups to access just areas you choose.
    If you have a site already made, you can implement premade membership scripts into your site. Within PHP/MySQL scripting, for example, you can easily use sessions/cookies/database information to do the same as I already mentioned, or even block the entire site until a user/member logs in. However, blocking all content to potential new users/members could very well prohibit them from wanting to join a site; if they can`t preview what your site offers, they may not pursue it.

  • justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
    Okay.  I`m still working through my idea. 
    How does the idea of starting a blog first while I work on building the freelance base and actual paid part of the site up sound?  Then I could collect information from freelancers and attorneys who are interested in the project and keep them updated on the progress.
    At the rate I`m going it seems like I will be using Word Press CMS, phpBB and AMember.  Then I`ll probably need some help to make sure I have everything setup right and some graphic assistance to make it nice and professional. 
  • kathleenfasanellakathleenfasanella subscriber Posts: 0
    I think starting a blog first would be mandatory. There`s no better way to draw members than with topical free content. Besides, if you have a private forum, all that content is null because search engine spiders can`t index it. I have a private members only forum and a heavily trafficked blog. In the forum, we post sensitive information about vendors or aspects of our businesses to be kept from prying eyes. At times, I post links from the blog to the forum for premium content. This becomes an impetus for freeloaders (who really NEED to join) to push them over the edge into signing up.
  • merchantacquiringmerchantacquiring subscriber Posts: 0
    http://www.merchantacquiring.co.ukWell as for me worldpay has incredibly high fees. And as I am just starting my business, it’s too expensive for me.

    As to others (2checkout, ikobo and moneybookers) I am still making some
    researches; however I heard a lot of horror stories about 2checkout, in
    addition they have a set up fee.
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