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Advice for a newbie!

alden2237alden2237 subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2008 in Selecting a Business

Hello all,

I`m new to copywriting and
interested to create blogs online but I ‘m not able to search any best place on
net where I can do this. I have searched many but I don’t think they are
suitable for me. I am also looking for tricks and tips for creating a blog. Can
you please dive me tips and an online resource where I can feel happy.


  • fisherkingfisherking subscriber Posts: 0
    as you said that you are new in copywriting then first I would like to suggest
    that you should get involved in forums. Its very place to discussion about all
    things related freelance copywriting. After that you can visit www.lifeonavenuez.com
    where you can follow the antics of a new freelance writer as she starts her own
    business. It is really a good resource for new freelance copywriters. Hope my
    advice would help you.
    Good luck!

    fisherking4/16/2008 4:29 AM
  • GreetingCardGoldmineGreetingCardGoldmine subscriber Posts: 1
    If you are looking for a blogging publishing platform you may want to look at http://wordpress.org  It is free.  You need your own domain name and a place to host it which would cost a few dollars a month but then your blog belongs to you rather than a third party host.
    When I wanted to start a blog I was determined it was going to be built based on WordPress.  I found it a little difficult because there is a learning curve.  There are blogging systems that incorporate WordPress that you can pay for that do alot of the technical work for you.  I wrote a post on my blog entitled Blogging IS My Business and refer to the system I use that is based on WordPress but much of the work is already done for me.
    Your desire and experience and cost can help you choose which blogging platform is right for you.
    There are other blogging platforms besides WordPress - this is just the one I am familiar with.
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