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New Brand : I need suggestions

T3NAXT3NAX subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2008 in Marketing
I`m Marco from Italy.
I`m involved in the made in italy leather business for a long time.
I`m going to start my own production of leather accessories, bags mostly.
My project is to create a brand, a logo and an ecommerce worldwide advertised to sell them.
I`m spending my time in choosing the right name, logo and filosofy.
I have doubts about 3 names:
De Medici
The first is my name initial and surname...the domain is free
The second 2 are names I like a lot, very linked with Italy, history and elegance.
The domains are not available, I have to add "bags" word.
I have to say that my business will have most part of its market overseas, I mean Usa, Asia and Arabia.
In your opinion, what`s the best sounding name ?
PS: keep in mind that the brand could have in future a growth not only online..


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    AGreaterTownAGreaterTown subscriber Posts: 1
    The first feels a little jammed in with the M and the C together, but it is your name, therefore is more authentic.
    Why not "MarcoCalamassi.com"
    It has a nice ring... Suona bene!
    (Evviva l`Italia!)
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    T3NAXT3NAX subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks guys
    I`m really doubtful because any name has an attribute
    MCalamassi (very distinctive, domain available, good lenght, hard pronounce, completely unknown)
    MarcoCalamassi (very distinctive, domain available, maybe too long name, completely unknown )
    Calamassi (very distinctive, domain not available, good lenght, completely unknown)
    Calamassi.it / CalamassiBags.com
    Agnelli (not distinctive but has a famous sound and very attractive worldwide, domain not available, good sound)
    AgnelliBags.com / AgnelliItaly.com
    DeMedici (not distinctive but has a famous sound and very attractive worldwide, domain not available, excellent sound )
    I want to point my attention and my choice on the marketing element mostly.
    That`s all...I hope you`ll go on giving me useful suggestions !!!!!!
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    T3NAXT3NAX subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi dears.
    What you think about .IT domains ?
    I mean, I`m going to choose my name as brand (Calamassi)...calamassi.it is available
    my website will be an ecommerce and the major part of my business at the startup so i need that the website will be advertised in the best way possible
    is a good choice a website with .it for foreign markets ? Or the .com is better as always ?
    On the contrary, I mean, maybe the .it has the advantage of showing at once the "italianity" of the brand
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    suwalisuwali subscriber Posts: 0
    To my mind, De Medici is going to rock. This name will be perfect for you. De Medici Leather or De Medici Bags sounds great. Since you want to create a brandname for yourself so I think De Medici is perfect.
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    T3NAXT3NAX subscriber Posts: 1
    thanks suwali
    but maybe I decided for my own name. You know, I feel it more than other common names.
    now i have to decide about domain, .IT or .COM ?
    Since I want that customers know it`s an italian brand and italian quality, maybe .IT is good ? isn`t it ?
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    T3NAXT3NAX subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks, I know, in fact i bought about 10 domains like madeinitalybags.com and much more to come out on search engines.
    Then, there`ll be redirect to my own name site..
    I`m going to choose marcocalamassi
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    suwalisuwali subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi frnd,
    Which name you selected by the way. May I know the rocking name, I have you have developed your website too? You can ask me about website development and related questions too.
    We all want to know the name of your company.
    Well, for business purpose .com is always better, which stands for commerce. But since you want to tell viewers that you belong to italy that is ok. but I will suggest you to get two domain names. say if your company name is abc then get two domain names, abc.com and also abc.it both will be pointed to the same page. so if a user types abc.com or abc.it both will come to the same page. This is also a good Search Engine Optimization(SEO) technique. by the way, whats the cost of domain in italy? maybe i can give u a more cheaper one.suwali10/4/2008 9:47 AM
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    T3NAXT3NAX subscriber Posts: 1
    i choosed mcalamassi
    it`s my signature, i like it
    i did a wonderfull logo
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