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tekman9871tekman9871 subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2008 in New Member Welcome
Hello everyone I just joined, I`m in The woodlands TX.
I`m wondering if there are any seasoned Real Estate Pros. here who could lend some guidance?
I`ve been selling Real Estate for the past 6 years and while I`ve done pretty well for myself, I just realized that I`ve been selling myself short. I`ll explain.
The company I worked for controlled all the listings and distrubuted all the buyer leads to agents like myself "buyer agents" To make a long story short I recently left the company after realizing that being a buyers agent would not bring me long term success in this business.
I am now working on starting my own Real Estate company which will focus on acquiring listings to reposition myself as a listing expert.
I`ve read a few books and spoken to a few listing agents but I`m open to more advice.
I`m not trying to reinvent the wheel, I want to make it better, I dont want to be just another real estate company, I`m looking for some fresh ideas. I want to establish my company on a set of principles which will make my company not only unique but also  relative to my clients lifestyles and attractive to my market. I`m looking to create an irrisistable value proposition in-order to gain market share.
I know a lot of you have bought and sold many homes, what were some of the things you loved and/or hated about your Realtor?
What is your nut one complaint about your listing agent?
tekman98716/6/2008 3:37 AM
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