How important is location for finding a "soul mate"?

tedATintermztedATintermz subscriber Posts: 7
I`ve been looking for what Guy Kawasaki calls a "soul mate" for quite some time; a partner who has a similar vision, passion, and complimentary skills to my own. It`s been very hard in the locations I have lived since starting the site so I am contemplating moving out to the San Francisco area to network with Silicon Valley types. However, this poses many personal challenges, being married to a medical resident, etc...
In your experience, have you found location to be a large factor when finding soul mates?


  • tedATintermztedATintermz subscriber Posts: 7
    Thanks Craig. I hope destiny favors me because I have been working very hard to get to where I want to go. I just know that great things rarely come from those who go alone, so until destiny comes around, I`ll continue to pound the pavement until she starts to listen Perhaps s/he is lurking around in these forums somewhere...
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