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A few years ago I volunteered to create a t-shirt for a non profit fund-raiser without having any prior experience creating t-shirt designs. The project was a success and it gave me the idea of designing and selling screen-printed clothing for profit.
I made a list of all  the things that interest me to try and find a direction to go with creating my very own shirts.  My list consisted of 20 things that I have passion for such as excercise, military, police, florida & the ocean, kids, politics, etc.  I then came up with ideas for shirt designs for each of the categories. 
I then used to hire artists to illustrate the first 3 designs. Each design cost me $300.00 on  I was excited to be able to hire professional artists who provided me with artwork that looks 100 times better than I could have imagined.   My 1st 3 designs were cartoon style shirts depicitng funny scenes with alot of action going on in the scenes.  The 3 shirt designs were a florida theme, a swat raid, and  a military scene.
I tested the shirts on Ebay and they sold well but the profit margin was low due to the cost of the shirts.During this time I also created an embroidered kid`s baseball cap with a cute design that sold well. I would like to market these products to retail and online stores and possibly Walmart and Target but I feel overwhelmed trying to get it going. I would even be willing to sell the rights to the designs if I could find a buyer.
I  have the product line started ,now I need to learn how to market the product which is what lead me to this informative site.
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