I need help finding start-up money

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Hello all,
   I`m new here, and looking for any ideas for finding start-up money.  We have a great business plan that has been reviewed and given a green light. Problem is, finding money to get us off the ground. Any thoughts other than the usual, friends, family, SBA, etc.?  We are offering great returns on $150k. 12-15%+


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    There are any number of ways to bring capital into a business. Some are not appropriate for a startup - while others are. Finding the optimum capital strategy for you depends upon your situation. At the $150K level, you`re really not a candidate for VC firms.
    Your offer of 12 -15% is a "tweener" -  a bit high for debt but low for an equity deal.
    If you `d like to discuss your specific situation, send me a PM or contact me directly.
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    I guess thats the question, where do I look, how do I get into these groups or individuals?
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    Where to look is largely a function of  "who" you are looking for - which is determined by what you offer.
    Also, it`s not only where one looks but how they do it that impacts their success.
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    Would you be willing to discuss this in a PM, so that we can have a more complete conversation.  My understanding at this point is, if your not in the "good ol` boys club" your limited.  How do I get into the "club"?
    doubleday4/14/2009 5:55 PM
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    Knowing the right people only counts once you`ve determined who the "right" people are. We`ve also determined that, for early stage funding, knowledge, skills and preparation are more critical than "connections"
    I would be willing to discuss in a PM - but it`s easier for me if you use my direct email address which is [email protected]
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