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Is receiving/stocking/shipping inventory a difficult task?

broncobronco subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2007 in Business Planning
I`m looking to inventory various products, but all of it seems so intimidating to me (especially in regards to owning/leasing warehouse space.)  Just how hard is it to set up an inventory network?  Should I look into 3rd party services such as Amazon`s fulfillment services? (in which they receive, stock, and ship your inventory for you)  Any thoughts would be appreciated, especially your own personal experiences.  Thanks everyone.


  • KevinYvetteKevinYvette subscriber Posts: 0
    Bronco,We`re in the same boat! We have looked into Amazon`s Fulfillment services but came away with `probably good if your carrying a few items that you produce yourself`, plus communication with Amazon was weak.Not sure of your location, but we found a small (4600 sqft) warehouse in Royal Oak, MI.  Because of the business climate, leases are pretty good right now and we figured that was large enough to get started.  Might look into sub-leasing.
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