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Fun underwear website

underwearmanunderwearman subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2007 in Website Critique
I`m looking for feedback on my website - www.knuttsak.com</A>.    When revenue increases (I`m selling the majority of product to wholesale buyers) and I increase the number of skews (women`s products, other men`s styles/colors), I will invest in professional web development.  Right now, my budget allows for a do-it-yourself website via FrontPage.  The product, a very high quality men`s boxer brief, is targeted at men looking for premium quality and light-hearted fun.  I would appreciate any suggestions regarding visual appeal, navigation, color/theme and any other design suggestions within FrontPage limitations.  Thanks for feedback!!


  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Since you`ve got a budget limitation at present, I would work on the copywriting and communication strategy. It`s a bit unclear, or it lacks a certain sparkle. Your photo choice is certainly interesting. This is where I might normally suggest using a less - I don`t even know what word - well I don`t even know what to say about that picture. Probably not the best for a general audience. It`s racy. In my opinion you should either use a more tame picture or a more racy picture. But the middle ground is sort of boring.
    But at any rate, simplify the front page and work on copywriting that really differentiates your product. Patent or not, underwear is underwear, and there is plenty to be had at Target for a lot less. Nothing wrong with charging a premium but you definitely need to justify the premium. The whole angle of support -vs- no support is sort of tired ... and a bit of a cliche. Surely you can think of something a little more interesting?
    Also. Maybe it`s just me but I missed the "fun" aspect. Joe Boxer is fun. Fun is sort of a good angle I suppose, so perhaps ramp up the fun. What about a heading that said:
    "Are You Big Enough?" Maybe you could even offer three sizes:

    That might be fun/funny and just ego-damaging enough to drive spite purchases. So... you need to pick something conceptual ... like is it going to be endowment-based or whatever ... and really focus on that point. It`s a bit vague or all over the place at present.
    Uncommon product for StartupNation but nice to have the variety.
    [Here`s an article I wrote on copywriting.] 
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    It is all about your target market. Does your target market look like (or want to look like) the photo?  If not, then a change would be appropriate. It is marketing, so if a photo like that gets the ladies to buy for their man - it works.
    The page transitions (fade in/out) should be eliminated. Also you should have more descriptive titles for each page ratehr than "Home" for your home page, etc.  Remember, the title is important in search results.
    Home page - having the text "centered" is not the best. Use left or justified margins. Also, try to limit the multiple text colors.
    You should add an alt image tag to the photos.
    "Ashley`s" testimonial on the home page is shown under the "real men real boys..." paragraph. So, I would assume the testimonial is related to the Men`s product.... "Ashley" sounds like a woman`s name.
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    NUTSAK,This has to be the funniest Underwear Brand I have seen out there... What I can I say " They serve their purpose" In simple terms they live up to their name... I had to go back and visit your web site... What the Hell? LIPSAK? HAHAHA dude you are Cool... I can see my boy wearing a pair of nut zacks... I can already imagine with hit the market... Honey I think you left my nutzaks in the washer too long...!!
  • underwearmanunderwearman subscriber Posts: 1
    THANK YOU to all who have replied.  I will implement many of your suggestions.  Thanks again and please feel free to forward additional suggestions.  I love you guys!!
  • smurph05smurph05 subscriber Posts: 2
    I don`t mind the picture at all... ... I love the concept and most of the copy. I like the way your copy reads like a real guy would speak ( "the boys getting loose"), or at least like my husband  does . Keep the fun, and good luck!
  • jarziumjarzium subscriber Posts: 0
    you should add more colors in your website! with a name like `knuttsak` (i would kill for that name!!), you can get away with almost anything!suggestions!! get a mascot! a knuttsak mascot would be interesting, just try to be more PG with it. if it were up to me, i would have made my website in red, purple, orange and blue. very eye-striking! and instead of steroid models, try going a different direction. getting punks, rockstars, nerds and jocks would be cool. think United Colors of Benetton with a twist.i hope my suggestions are helpful! i have a clothing label, and im revamping my website, if you`re interested, perhaps i could buy some of your knuttsaks (ok, that came out...wrong) at wholesale price and try selling it. I`m from Singapore, by the way!
  • underwearmanunderwearman subscriber Posts: 1
    When my budget permits, I`ve lined-up new model. He`s definitely more of the "typical" male undies model - decent shape, not ripped.  On that note, I can trade free underwear (guess what brand?) to anyone that can supply the photos.  It might be an opportunity for an aspiring model and/or photographer to get some his work "published".
    My goal is to find the key target market for the brand.  It`s been challenging. My wholesale buyers tell me that the product sells well to allot of different demographics - women purchasing as a gift for their husbands, younger guys who wear their underwear waistband out of their pants, older guys (40+) who want to make their buds in the locker room laugh, all demographics buying as a gift for special occasions (bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation, etc.), repeat buyers who love the fit, durability.Thanks again for all of your feedback!!
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    If I were young enough, I`d model for you, I`m certainly fit enough, but I think your demographic skews younger than me.
  • RumpelstiltskinRumpelstiltskin subscriber Posts: 1
    Don`t get yourself in a twist over all of these suggestions. I suggest that you hang-tight and use "both sides" of your brain.  I see you`ve taken care of packaging.  But have you considered how you are going to wrap your product?  Well anyway,  if you find you`re in a bind (or a pickle), we will be here for both of you.  As far as you website goes - Great Job! 
    PS: Stay away from "WHITE". The "I just sat on a candybar" look is OUT!Rumpelstiltskin2007-3-24 17:6:38
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Thanks for the vote of confidence Nikole!
    Rumplestiltskin. Great copywriting suggestions!
  • KrazEricKrazEric subscriber Posts: 1
    The name in and of itself is a big draw...but ONLY for those with a somewhat perverted sense of humor. With a name like that, you are limiting your customer reach to those who have somewhat less conservative views...
    With that said...good product placement, I personally love the name...some variety might be in order, however...some colors and/or patterns...
    OK...to the website....yep, a bit serious for the name...but overall nice and easy to use. As someone mentioned, some color would be nice...something more than just the product to draw the customer in and keep them there...
    Just my 2 cents...I`m pretty new to it all myself...
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