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Getting the word out

cersicersi subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2007 in Marketing

I have a transportation service company that will be providing services to the families & friends of incarcerated individuals in my state. I am stuck with the marketing part since it`s not something that everyone would need but there is a need for the service. I have a few ideas on getting out there, right now I am mailing flyers to the inmates since they are aware of the approved visitors on their list currently. Other than that I am not sure how to exactly target my market other than flyers in areas in certain neighborhoods & businesses like bail bonds offices & a few other places. I have a web-site(http://inmatefamilies1st</A>)  & I have also been going into forums & bloggers that deal with incarceration but so far nothing. I am suppose to officially start booking reservations 9/1 for the following month. Can anyone assist?cersi2007-8-28 13:18:2


  • workswhandsworkswhands subscriber Posts: 0
    I clicked on your url.  The site wasn`t found.  Is this the correct link?
  • CreateWhoYouAreCreateWhoYouAre subscriber Posts: 0
    I found the site. Noticed a misspelling, so you`ll probably want to check for those again.This seems like a really valuable service.CraigL`s idea of connecting with agencies could be a really good one. If you can find agencies that are sympathetic to the needs of the families. Would anyone at the facilities be willing to do this? The courts? Or is that too much to hope `-) ?Any other common places that inmates get information? I would think that this sort of service would spread very easily through word of mouth, because it`s a basic, simple, and obvious one, that if someone needed, they would just use. I think there`s a word of mouth that spreads between people who don`t have access to a car, about other ways to get around. I have a feeling that just spreading the word, in lots of various ways, will probably work, because, those will spark word of mouth, and once the word of mouth gets going, it will work.
  • JoeJustinJoeJustin subscriber Posts: 1
    Cersi,I would try the local churches as well.  A lot of the churches, especially the larger one have a prison ministry/jail ministry.  Once you notify the churches, they should put you in touch with the person in charge of that ministry.  Is this a nation wide service?  If so, I would also notify some of the larger super churches as well,  Creflo Dollar, Eddi L. Long, Td Jakes, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Rod Parsley, Paula White  the list goes on.  If this is on a national level and you need more names just let me know.I am very interested in this service whether it be local or national level.  I am starting a project that`s still in the idea stage, but I could definitely get the word out once this project is more underway.Best of Luck!!
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