Looking for web designers/developers to start a new business

sysflowsysflow Posts: 1subscriber
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Hello,I am looking for other like-minded individuals that have a passion for web design and development and that want to start a new business venture together.I don`t have any particular niche at this time to focus on - this decision will be a collaborative one. This will be a 50/50 effort.The following experience will be beneficial:PHPJavascriptCSSMySQLXHTMLAJAXthankssysflow (AT) yahoo.com


  • NuevolutionNuevolution Posts: 30subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Im a coldfusion developer, php, asp, vb.net, Mysql, xhtml, CSS, javascript, and XML developer... what are your plans?
  • sysflowsysflow Posts: 1subscriber
    My general plan, without divulging to much information, is to start a new web design and development company that caters to a various types of small to medium business clients that require a new or updated web presence, but don`t necessarily have the budget to hire a professional to put together this web presence.
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