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Apple Mac vs. everything else

allergyladyallergylady subscriber Posts: 4
edited July 2007 in Thought Leadership
Hello everyone. 
Computers are a necesity for buisness, so I have something to ask everyone.
I am going to buy a laptop for school, pictures, documents, movies etc. What I want to know is what would you suggest-a Mac, or HP/Dell/etc.
I was told Macs last about 9 years and other laptops such as HP last about 3 years.  Based on this I wold get a Mac because I need it to last a long time.
Have any of you bought a HP/Dell and when it died you bought a Mac?  What did you think about the Mac?  What are some of the pros and cons?
Any help thanks
-Andrea G.foodallergytalk.comstugo.webs.comfdfiredesign.comjcmyway.webs.comgarzaproductions.webs.comallergylady2007-7-12 14:20:42


  • olegoleg subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    I`ve never owned a Mac... but I also won`t trust a claim that any computer will last 9 years.  
    Don`t expect any computer to last you more than 2-4 years.  Even if it`s still functional in 9, it will be so outdated that you won`t be able to get much use out of it.  Longevity should not really be a factor when buying a computer - none of them are "built to last"
    If you will be doing graphic design/video editing work on your laptop, a Mac may be the way to go.  Otherwise just go with what you`re most familiar with: If you are primarily a Windows user, you will have to go through a transition period learning how to do all the things you`re used to doing on a Mac; and vice-versa. 
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14

    ... The best answer to your question is... the one you are familiar with. That`s how you will be most productive. Remember there is software to buy after buying the computer. You may already own software for a particular system... Mac/PCAs for me, I have been a Mac advocate since 1990. They are/were so easy to use compared to PCs... IMHO. I have many friends who tried talking me into a PC computer in the beginning days... Although time has passed, I rarely have problems with my Macs (I own a desktop model too). I always see PC users taking apart their systems and replacing some component that died,  while my Mac is always running perfectly.Don`t get me wrong. Computers are technology. They will break down. But life expectancy is a major factor when considering where to plunk your money down. Here`s my experience with laptops... I have owned three laptops... My first lasted 6 years. It`s death was mainly due to technology improvements. My second (Powerbook G3) last about 8 years... There was some ownership overlap time between my first two systems. I actually gave it (the G3) away on craigslist when I bought my current model. The system still functioned but some part broke down and was more expensive to replace than I wanted to pay. It made the laptop system become a desktop model. It wouldn`t run off battery power and due to problem, when plugged in, it would randomly shut down... all power issues. I gave it away because it still functioned when receiving the proper power. I figured some Mac guru would be able to find extra parts and use it for something.My latest laptop is the Powerbook G4. It`s been a great system. I did buy the "insurance" policy (about $300) with the system... and I have has two components break down and need replaced. All parts and labor were covered and no data was ever lost.Macs are a bit more expensive, but I really like the reliability. The biggest problem is compatibility with the PC world. It`s getting better, especially with the new Intel chips installed on Mac now. But still... much of compatibility deals with software.All my Microsoft stuff is compatible Mac to PC or Visa Versa. But in the graphic world, there are some applications you cannot find for Mac. Although I have never really found any software found in a PC version that was outstanding without a Mac version. It seems if it`s really a good application, they will soon come out with a Mac version.One thing that I do notice a difference in are those little apps on the Internet. Things like a little time management app or a game... They are usually PC only. But in the real world of business... The Mac is outstanding and often comes with hardware which costs extra in the PC world. But remember, you are paying a little more for a Mac, so it should come standard.
  • sdlewissdlewis subscriber Posts: 3
    Hello allergylady,I echo the statements by iouone2.My wife has owned Mac since the first iMacs came out and hvae had two iBooks. They just ran with very little need to tinker with them. Also zero virus and spyware issues.Each time the Macs were more money on the front end but were rock solid and performed great through out there use. Each new purchase was due to new models that were available with all the old ones still working fine.I personally use several non-Apple laptops and desktop models that I have rescued from the trash and run Linux as my primary OS so I don`t spend much on my technology but do run older systems.As for my business start up we are going with one iMac and one PowerBook to start with. We made this decision based on our experience with the quality of Apple products, OS stability and  availability of software titles.
    sdlewis2007-7-12 15:43:10
  • allergyladyallergylady subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks everyoneso it looks like the iMac is more dependable and lasts longer (No viruses and hardly any maintenance).  This will probably be my choice thenthanks!
    PSDo you know if you can make more than one website using iWeb?
  • mchutchmchutch subscriber Posts: 7
    Mac, mac, mac, mac! They are so user intuitive and easy to use.
    And yes, I even use my Mac to design things for the creator of Windows,
    Microsoft. Shhhhh.
  • wendalawendala subscriber Posts: 0
    Mac Mac Mac all the way. I use Mac for designing and business.
    I have used both systems through out my career. I have used the apple since 1980 when it was in it`s baby stages.
    I have 2 macs G3 and G4 one is 8 yrs old and the other 10 both still
    running great and I use large files for print design not just games and
    internet stuff.
    Yes mac make hardly get virues because most virus are designed for PC
    because it the most used system. Mac`s hardly crash and if they do you
    don`t loss your data. And the new Mac iMac and G5 are all capable to
    use your PC software. And mac has it`s ilife for iweb design drag and
    drop, itunes,  videos and music and much more and make can handle
    any business software too.
    I look at this way why drive a Chevette when you can drive a Bemmer.
    Most people will put down Mac and have never really used one in depth.
    You have to be blind not to see how simple Mac is to use.
    Mac`s cost a bit more but you have less headache too and the computer
    will endure! Like Timex they take a knocking but they keep on ticking
    mac are the idiot proof computer just plug & play and go. If it
    wasn`t for mac PC would stillbe in Dos. Mac has had window & multi
    task from day one.

    Check it out and test drive one to find out for yourself.

  • dotcalmdotcalm subscriber Posts: 0
    allergylady... The best answer to your question is... the one you are familiar with. That`s how you will be most productive. Remember there is software to buy after buying the computer. You may already own software for a particular system... Mac/PC
    Great answer - I do graphic and web design work but my husband can gut and rebuild a PC with his eyes closed and both hands tied behind his back so... it`s PC for me! But I have used Macs at school - I don`t have a problem with either - think about who you are interacting with too - if you share files it may be an issue.
  • theoptimysttheoptimyst subscriber Posts: 0
    We work on both.  PCs are far more common place.  Macs used to have an edge in the design world and in reliability, but this is changing to an equal playing field.  I`m using a laptop to design my entire marketing program with Adobe`s CS line of design software.  After spending years on Macs to achieve a degree in print marketing and work in the graphic world, I am fully converting to Microsoft and PC.  My printers have less issues because of compatibility, my consultants have an easier time accessing the files I produce, and my web aps work better.  Not to mention that I can combine everything I use for backend work with front end work seemlessly.  The reality in our eyes is that Macs are now built with PC components.  In other words, if you are buying a Mac today, solely based on the fact that in the past they were more reliable, think twice.  They truly have identical components as the PCs do.  Same Mother board architecture, Pentium processors, RAM, etc.  So it again comes down to personal choice.  Your upfront cost is higher for a Mac and your reliability is no better than any other computer on the market.  Macs and PCs both have viruses and the amount of viruses for Macs is growing.  Something has changed in the virus writing world to cause hackers and virus coders to look in both directions.  We haven`t researched the cause, but it is very obvious that Macs are vulnerable to attack.  My theory is that hackers and virus writers are after personal information these days instead of just trying to prove a point, and they don`t care where it is coming from.  I could go on and on, but look at facts before you make a choice, and evaluate if the cost is worth the investment.  Best of luck.
  • ShawTreatmentShawTreatment subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m a convert and pretty much agree with all those other Mac advocates
    out there. I finally cracked after one too many crashes on my Dell. It was
    a 2 yr old desk-top. The down-time and worry about viruses and worms
    was costing me money/productivity. So I bought a Mac. I`ve been a Mac
    user for over 5 years. I`m still on the same iMac. PlusI`ve added a
    PowerBook for travel.

    Plus I have no virus software. And don`t expect to install any either. Never
    been infected although I have received many via email - as the OS doesn`t
    recognize them, I simply delete them. To date I can count on one hand
    the number of times it`s crashed or a program has pooped out. I venture
    a guess that although I spent more to buy it, I`ve saved money on
    software and down-time. You just tend to get more out of it than you put
    into it. Money talks!

    As for any worry about using the Mac OS - there is a learning curve - but
    it`s a fast one. Once you get it - the sky is the limit. Expect to get 5 plus
    years out of it. I`ll push for 7. those who doubt it have never used it.
  • john146john146 subscriber Posts: 0
    I started with Macs in about 1990, then gave up and went with Linux in the
    late 90`s. Since then, I`ve come back to Mac, it has all the power of the Unix
    system under the hood (most people don`t know or care, it`s a geek thing).

    But it just works. Interestingly, if you compare the price of a Mac, and an
    identically equipped Dell (since Macs use Intel technology now), the Dell cost
    more. So the Mac is not only a better machine, its a better (and cheaper!)
    Windows machine!

    That`s what I`m told anyway. I don`t do Windows (except at work)
  • sparklesparkle subscriber Posts: 0
    Love some things, hate others.  Don`t like the way the clocks pop up in the middle of my writing something.  Also, I can be typing on one line and all of a sudden the lettering jumps up several lines and I have to go up and erase them and drag the cursor down to where it`s supposed to be.Love the way the whole thing shuts off in 1&1/2 minutes, just be closing the lid.  Something like Senor Wences going back into his box, or is that before your time?
  • CopelandCopeland subscriber Posts: 1
    I`m a PC/Linux user myself. Personally, I don`t like Macs. Imagine my chagrin when I found that the school I teach at has a up to date Mac lab and a falling apart PC lab! I say it depends what I need it for. One of the subjects I teach is music, and they try to force me to teach
    electronic music on the Mac. They do tend to have better art and music
    programs on the Mac. Though my favorite (Finale) exists for the PC as
    well and works exactly the same....
    BUT I will always tell someone who knows nothing about computers to use a MAC. It`s harder for you to screw yourself up on the short term with a Mac. Though anyone who tells you a Mac never crashes is wrong, I`ve personally seen them crash, got that picture of the bomb and writing in multiple languages, etc. At least with a PC crash, I know what to do to fix it and usually can retrieve all my info. Mac crash, I`m still at a loss for that. I can get it working again, but have usually lost everything,Where are all the Linux users? That trumps PC and Mac, ha.
  • lbbmikelbbmike subscriber Posts: 0
    Macs will last if you take care of them. I have all my old ones still running,
    except for one. Old macs can make nice file servers for you local network.
  • allergyladyallergylady subscriber Posts: 4
    I want to thank everyone so much
    I`m set on getting a Mac now!
      Can`t wait to use the web toolsjust waiting for the new one to come out
    Thank you everyone for the GREAT info!
  • mikecb1mikecb1 subscriber Posts: 0
    You made the right decision. You will be very satisfied using your Mac.
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