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Why are there a lot of successful entrepreneurs in the US

Intel, eBay, Yahoo and Google... when I think about successful company
which was established by famous entrepreneurs, most of them are located in the US.
Even though I am not in the US, I am still able to find many books which focus on
American entrepreneurs as successful case study!
I really would like to know what factors that America has attract entrepreneurs and
make them succeed!!
PLEASE give your point of view!!!


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    Starting a business here is relatively simple and cheap. Taxes are reasonable, and there are not many licenses or fees required to start the average business. Basically, you have a lot of self-selected risk seekers (after all, everyone here is an immigrant) and a business climate that makes the entry costs and fees placed on success very reasonable. Summary: entry costs are low, rewards are high.
    But if you have a good idea and ambition, you can make a sound business plan work almost anywhere!
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    Thank you for giving me your viewpoint!

    You brought me many findings. I need to research the US business climate more!

    I sent you a message, so could you check it please? 
    Tomohiro4/19/2008 7:41 PM
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