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I need your input!

poopourripoopourri subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2007 in Website Critique
We launched our website about 2  months ago and it gets many rave reviews about being pretty.  We have received media attention and had thousands of hits but our sale per hit ratio is REALLY low.  So please click on it and tell me the real deal.  please do not hold back.  what do you like, dislike, confused about, don`t understand, etc.  Thanks so much for your help!  http://www.poopourri.net/ Also would you buy this?... why? or why not?  any feedback is welcomed. 
poopourri2007-5-10 10:42:32


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Viewed your site with IE6 on a DSL connection.
    True, your home page is nice to look at. However, your online store appears to be very "blank".  Maybe a header image would be nice.
    You might consider offering FREE shipping... shipping costs are one of the reasons why people do not buy online.  Offer a free shipping option... and charge for the overnight, etc shipping "upgrades".
    Another important factor influencing the viewer is an element of "trust". T0 help instill trust you should have shipping, terms of use, return policy...etc specified on your site. Also, tell the viewer that your site is secure (with an SSL).
    It is an interesting product/idea. I don`t think I would buy the product... for one reason, how would I carry it around (traveling)?
    You may need to explain why is this product better than some sort of air freshener?
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    poopourripoopourri subscriber Posts: 1
    Wow, thank you all for your posts.  We are listening and will be investigating how we can make the changes, thank you for all the wonderful input and ideas!  
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    poopourripoopourri subscriber Posts: 1
    We have listened to you suggestions and started making changes.  It will take a while to implement all to the site because it was built with flash and we need to covert it.  Is this along the right track?  thanks for the Valuable help!  www.poopourri.net
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