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Working Prototype, Provisional Patent. Now what??

sband201sband201 subscriber Posts: 1
I would greatly appreciate any feedback or advice because my partner and I have hit a wall in our inventing process. We have successfully created a working prototype of our new invention and have also filed and received a provisional patent status. What is the next step?! Our end goal is to sell the idea to a store (it is a retail/apparel accessory along the same lines as Spanx) or a manufacturer but we really don`t know how to proceed. We`ve even considered going to the upcoming Vegas convention and getting a booth at the trade show but I`m not sure if that`s the right step. We both have full time jobs so can`t handle the manufacturing of the product by ourselves (and don`t know how) so honestly, we are looking to monetize the idea as soon as possible instead.
What is the best way to proceed?? Thank you so much! Any feedback or advice would be appreciated!


  • AshtonAshton subscriber Posts: 2
            The circumstances you find yourself in are not uncommon and you`re asking the right questions.  If you`re not planning to manufacture and distribute the product yourself (which is an investment of time and resources--although you keep more for your company), then you are looking at the licensing route.  I`ve worked numerous inventions and product development start-ups over the last few years, and if you`re interested in exploring the licensing process--I highly recommend these two organizations:  InventorsAlliance.org and Inventright.com.  The organizations are related and the people that run them are not only experts, but they genuinely look out for the well-being of their constituents.  They provide a great number of resources to inventors and start-ups like yours--and I think getting in touch with them will help you understand the next steps to explore.
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