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The science behind what motivates a person to buy

prostarprofitprostarprofit subscriber Posts: 6
edited March 2012 in Marketing
Advertising is not letting people know what you have or what you do. Advertising is understanding human emotion and what motivates a person to buy. The are certain words that have been outlawed in court because it has an unfair influence over a persons mind. Check Firm who has done work for Apple, Disney, and others said: When you use the color blue (for most industries) as your main marketing color this will increase your results 11-15%Respectfully, Chris Brown


  • printisnotdeadprintisnotdead subscriber Posts: 0
    Interesting. A psychological approach to doing business is something that's not really new but is still one of the least underestimated concepts when it comes to business and marketing. And you can see just how much psychology can affect certain situations just from the example given where certain words can affect the court setting. In the end,whether you make a sale or not would depend on what people feel and what they are thinking just as much as how much you charge and how good the quality of your services are.
  • mmad11mmad11 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hmm, interesting. Have you done any studies on the color of the "add to cart" button and compared the conversion rate of blue versus green? I always wondered why Apple had that small blue add to cart button, but now I guess I know...
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