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Bookkeeping Resource For the Micro-Business

danr2danr2 subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2007 in Website Critique
Hi, My name is Dan and I founded a company that provides business form templates to companies that seek only to use a browser with their internet access. These templates can be customized with logos, and converted to PDF and saved locally for FREE. Prices available for storing online. Most small businesses have 3 common critical processes (1) quoting, (2) work orders, (3) invoices. It would be great to give small businesses the convenience of getting to these forms on a browser, and making them as easy to use as their paper counterparts. I am looking for real feedback on the value of the 1) ease of use factor and 2) the value of PDFs to one`s business. Please view this at http://www.meyewerx.com</A> There is a demo account to try it. Why did I start this company? Working in the corporate world, I made decisions weekly on which vendors to select in doing projects. Many of the decisions were made on what the vendor left in my hand or email inbox as a proposal. Many competent small businesses lost potential jobs because they weren`t convenient to deal with or left a bad impression because their paperwork was hung up in the snail mail process. This is my attempt at helping the small business get into the email inbox (and mind) of the decision makers of the corporate world. danr22007-3-24 23:59:3


  • danr2danr2 subscriber Posts: 2
    Excellent feedback.  We are modifying our "terms of use" to clearly outline that very point.  Our aim is to generate revenue on resource usage (storage).  In about 6 months we will have some work flow available.  So advance services will be available for purchase.  The idea is still the same.  Offer services at a reasonable price.  All your information is yours and will not be available to anyone else.
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