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How to create customer database

EkaterinaEkaterina subscriber Posts: 1
I'd like to find the solution to quickly creates forms, manage contacts, view reports, something like Customer Databases without any programming. I look for reliable online source that can help me secure store, manage and share my database online. And it should not be too expensive. What can you say about that? What crm do you use? Can anybody say smth. about www.basemaster.com ?


  • MeghanPayPantherMeghanPayPanther subscriber Posts: 0
    Actually, PayPanther, has great free CRM software to manage clients, in addition they do reports, project management, invoicing, inventory management, time-tracking, payment processing, and you can access it all online from anywhere in the world.
    Did I mention it's completely free?
    Check it out: PayPanther.com
  • frankpowell422frankpowell422 subscriber Posts: 0
    Using a CRM to manage your data is really a nice idea. You can just hire a few people and they will get it sorted out for you.
  • GuardforceGuardforce subscriber Posts: 0
    To create a database you can use online database software like Zoho. other thing base master is a Mac OS X application that shows various bases of number at the same time.
  • twhansburytwhansbury subscriber Posts: 2
    Will Zoho work with an online form or email.  
    Customers adding from a wordpress website?
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  • saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    If you’re looking for a solution for non-developers you can check out Database Web App Builder, it allows you in minutes to create a customer (or any) database by just adding a new table called customers, then adding the fields into it.
  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member

    1. The knowledge database

    Create a custom RSS subscription database of blogs and news sites your customers would find interesting, either by virtue of information they provided you or based on an industry they should follow. You can set-up an RSS reader or upload and OPML file to the reader of their choice and magically create a hand crafted set of blogs they should follow. OPML files may sound a little techie, but essentially it’s a list of RSS feeds that can be imported to an RSS reader to create lots of subscriptions at one time.

    2. The best of class database

    Build a list of best of class service providers that can deliver all the products and services you know your customers may need that are unrelated to your actual offerings. Create a database with all of the contact information and notes about each provider. Offer this to your customers as a service to help them find great companies for everything they buy.

    3. The real time roundup database

    Create custom social media and reputation monitoring databases for your customers that include all brand and competitive mentions in real time streams like Twitter, Facebook, and Media distribution sites and teach your customers how to monitor this database. This may be totally unrelated to your services, but it’s such an essential bit of marketing wisdom that you can create incredible brand loyalty by being the organization that shows them how to do it.

    4. The cutting edge B2B database

    Create a database of web apps that can help your business customers do more with less using free and low cost tools for things like design, file backup, file storage, file streaming, collaboration, online meetings, CRM, finance and HR. This is another play that can allow your organization to be seen as an online thought leader and go to person for emerging tools.

    5. The reminder database

    What if you offered a service that could help remind each customer of important dates? Give them the opportunity to put all the birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates in their lives into a database with the promise to remind them to take action when the date was coming up.

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