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Dimistifying Page Rank - What Helps, What Does Not?

WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
constant questions from many prompted this post. frankly, i am not sure i know the answers so who better to reach out to than the SuN community....here it goes:
our page rank as many of us know is the popularity of our website in terms of how many and the quality of sites that link back to us. so question #1 - does quantity matter more than quality in this case?
question #2 - if a bunch of PR1-3 sites link back to ours, is there a way we can achieve a PR4? basically an addition (+) concept. if 100 PR2`s are linking to me, then what is the effect of that on my site`s PR?
those were easy questions i hope, the real heavy hitters are as follows:
question # 3 - how does a website owner determine the complete inventory of sites linking back to it?
question # 4 - if another site is linking back to our website once already, then does it help our PR if there are more links from that site to ours? a perfect example is a blog or a forum to which you would post to regularly.
many successful internet marketers say "focus on what works for you". the issue is, when we are dealing with PR, it is hard to tell which sites are working for us and which are not correct? i mean how can a site owner know where their time is best spent? it is easy to say to focus on high PR sites and get a back link from them, but is it always the best use of our time and efforts to do that?
finally question #5 - have you noticed or know about a correlation between page rank and traffic? alexa might show your site to be high in traffic, but your PR can very well be a 1 or 2.  (inherently you are bound to get links from sites that have linked to you)
calling all the experts on this one....


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    DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member
    Webjunky, don`t beat yourself up worrying about PageRank. Google determines PR, and its fickle. Besides, most SEO experts will tell you it`s not important.
    Instead, focus on these three things:

    1. Relevant content that is updated regularly


    2. Getting lots of inbound links from quality, relevant sites


    3. Lots and lots of unique, relevant content. Google loves unique relevant content

    If you focus on those three things, everything else will eventually fall into place. It`s all about relevancy, all the time.
    David Jackson
    DavidJackson2/19/2009 8:12 AM
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    DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member
      I used to do a lot of SEO stuff but then 
    I started focusing on effective advertising and converting leads tosales and haven`t looked back.      Good point, Loren. Focus on things you can control. PageRank isn`t one of those things. That`s up to the whim of Google. David Jackson
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    ankit007ankit007 subscriber Posts: 238 Silver Level Member
    Google web-look, a standout amongst the most universal and persuasive data frameworks accessible today: it stores and procedures enormous volumes of various data, scales to adapt to immense quantities of clients, yet creates top notch comes about for every pursuit inquiry they write.

    Beside being so helpful on an everyday premise, and simple to handle, it speaks to a magnificent illustration on the grounds that the methods utilized depend on genuinely starting Mathematics. Moving well ordered through the use of essential chart and likelihood hypothesis, the section goes about as a prologue to both the information structures and calculations that support the framework in general.

    There is a huge amount of data on the web about how web indexes function. One critical part of the last positioning in any given hunt depends on website page positioning calculations that keep running 'in the engine'. The hyperlink, organize based calculations known as PageRank and HITS are the two most unmistakable cases of such techniques. In any case, a great part of the data on these strategies is either deceptive or confounding, and truly requires just a tiny bit of arithmetic to see well. The fundamental thought is that the rank of any page is reliant on the quantity of backlinks (or in-connections) to that page, and the significance or nature of the pages that contain those backlinks. Tragically, most clarifications of how this is exactly registered utilizations the dialect of straight polynomial math and "eigenvalues", which regularly darkens the generally basically thoughts fundamental them. Here is an endeavor to make these calculations more open by coming down the math to the basic points of interest.
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    vivekshuklavivekshukla subscriber Posts: 130 Silver Level Member
    What matter is your ranking and this can be improved by building backlinks
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    saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. Google It is one of the methods Google uses to determine a page's relevance or importance.
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    Impala WardrobesImpala Wardrobes subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    Below are some suggestions to improve your pagerank:
    1. Publish Relevant Content.
    2. Update Your Content Regularly.
    3. Metadata.
    4. Have a link-worthy site.
    5. Use alt tags.
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    raviseo1raviseo1 subscriber Posts: 19 Bronze Level Member
    PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results.
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