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The Future of Online/Internet Business

WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
edited February 2010 in Selecting a Business
many believe that the internet is a trend of the future and it is absolutely critical to establish a business online.  some believe that it is necessary given the global working culture/condition/trends.  you just don`t know anymore what is to come (i.e. outsourcing, layoffs, dying industries, etc) and therefore people prefer having their situation in their own hands and control. 
experts also say that the internet has yet to hit critical mass (they base this on how long it took the TV, AC, Radio to hit critical mass) and that now is the best time to get in.  what are your thoughts on that?  what about businesses that have been online since 1998/2000?
some say that the web is also saturated and it is only getting worse.  they say with so much dilution it will be very hard in the future to sustain a good living from online ventures.  any thoughts?
all that said, what are (in your opinion) some of the most lucrative trends of online business? where do you see the future of internet business? do you see another channel/medium that might replace the web and therefore all hard efforts made by online entrepreneurs go to waste?
there are just so many questions regarding the past present and future - it would be interesting to start a discussion here on everyone`s thoughts and where we all see the future of the internet in the next 3,5,10,30 years?


  • HanysmHanysm subscriber Posts: 0

    I am IT professional that been involved for almost 25 years in technology; and saw internet grow to be what it is now.  I did entertain the same thoughts for one purpose, to be ahead of the trend and make money.
    Well, I am a firm believer in sharing and joining forces, while I lack cash and connections, so I don’t mind posting.
    In my opinion, the current use of internet today is mainly answering two fundamental questions.. “Where is….”, and “What is…”  In simplicity, internet became the wise-man who knows all, and we consult it/him in how to do things and what are things. With that said, and abstracting the thoughts, those two questions relates to two elements human  experiencing at the time of consultation, time and place.
    So for example, I am planning to visit France and I want to know where is the cheapest hotels or the best meals ..etc. or, I want to know what a French term means in English say.. Etc. In any sense, If you noticed the common divider between the two usages in those examples, they are related to “MY’ locality -- as in place and/or time. So… With the current technology of the internet, you have to inform the internet of you locality as in France, or maybe the time or the date where you need this answers related to…
    Gowning further, and thinking the Mobile technology, don’t you see Cell phones nowadays having GPS’s and can know where you are now? So -say- I am in a grocery store, my cell phone can pick up my location, do a search in the background and know where am I at, search again in the background  for a web site associated with this address, so when I open my browser the main page of the grocery store is displayed? Of course then thier web site would display today’s specials, coupons ..etc.
    Basically I think the new trend would be a push internet rather a pull one or in other terms, an active verse’s passive surfing of the net.. If you wish to talk more or explore business ideas in that regard let me know..

    Hanysm10/26/2008 8:55 AM
  • CreativeTopicsCreativeTopics subscriber Posts: 0
    I think online marketing will grow to become... marketing.  We will no longer realize that it is the internet handling the marketing.  Using the previous post`s grocery store idea.  You enter your shopping list and the phone has the layout of the store with the locations of your items (I just moved, so I`ve spent lots of time wondering around in new...larger...stores). 
    Oh, and by the way...  You might want to check out these items based on your list.  Perhaps since you bought pancake mix, you might want some syrup as well?  Why get Pepsi when Coca-Cola is on sale?
    While we will of course know it is the internet that powers these devices, as things become more consumer aware we will start being cattle even more so than we are right now!
  • blukor14blukor14 subscriber Posts: 0
    I totally agree that an online marketing will grow to become marketing. As shoestring said before, 30% of the people in the world have access to internet. Just imagine how big this would become ?
  • CookCook subscriber Posts: 1
    Internet is the way of the future. It is evolving faster than we can imagine. I read that 80% of future employment does not even exists yet. Chilling thought!

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  • KarolJohnKarolJohn subscriber Posts: 0
    I think the future of online business is telecommuting. People earn as much as twice to thrice by working at home... Although the workload may be similar, for many people it's the best way to have work freedom and I think that is what is starting to flourish right now...
  • MichaelAcainMichaelAcain subscriber Posts: 0
    In internet there no such thing as impossible, you can venture business easily through internet but be aware of fraud and scammer individual.
    Internet is the busiest because of its world wide user that rendering business online...
    and if you say business many will grab opportunities to make money in easy way...
    so be aware of it...
    co'z they are plenty online...
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