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Almost ready to launch and I am worn out!

saltydiannesaltydianne subscriber Posts: 3
edited January 2008 in Sales
I am about ready for my website critique and ready to launch my beachwear, feminine and fun tshirt clothing line.   I have become such a perfectionist that it delayed the website launch until now!   the original launch would have been Nov.2007.   It is only me.   I choose colors, styles, designs, take photos, write content, jewelry design, read about fashion daily, learn quickbooks, prostores, learn about UPS vs USPS (not easy to do), eco friendly packaging, hang tags, woven labels, storing inventory, sizing, more accounting, business licenses, OK enuf..you solo entrepreneurs understand.   
The website should launch/WILL launch at the end of next week and I am out of energy.  I am burnt out.   NOW is when I need the energy to go out there and do my crazy woman marketing and PR.   Now I need to drive people to my website AND pound on doors for wholesale accounts.   Make money so i can afford to design more clothes.  I feel like I am walking in quicksand.  
I used to be sooooo excited and couldn`t wait until the SUN members would review my website.    Now I am just over my website.  I cannot see the forest for the trees!   Is there a name for this sickness/disease?    Does this happen to others?    I am usually such a positive-do it-now type of person.   
Help me obi-wan, you`re my only hope.
dianne (previously beachdianne)
thanx for listening.


  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I knew when I saw the post topic that it was you. Don`t beat yourself up too much, you are doing great! Sounds like you have learned alot and now can implement and move your business forward. I can`t wait to see you launch. I know all too well about waiting on a web iste. I also have to have everything just "right" before going live. I am still working on that and will be changes lots to flow and look better. Let me know when you launch. I have a wholesale account for you.
  • saltydiannesaltydianne subscriber Posts: 3
    thanks team!
    I sure was feeling it last night.    I read ya`lls responses and watched 2 donny shows this morning and I am feeling a lil better.
    Erin- i do remember talking about your websites delays and feeling your pain. and Craig is right, I do need to think about moderation right now.
    AHA Nikole-   You are so right...the thrill of the chase.   Now that my `new boyfriend business` and I have been together for a while and I know sooo much about `him` wellll, maybe him and I just need a long weekend in a hotel to rejuvenate.    For me it is also the `thrill` of the problem solving.   
    Dill Pickles make my chicken pucker!  I love that, it is intriquing. 
  • RicWillmotRicWillmot subscriber Posts: 14
    You are suffering from Xeno`s Paradox.
    Consider instead Ric`s Rule:
    When you are 80% ready, fire the rockets to launch.
    Your clients will probably not even notice the 20% deficiency that you can, and best of all, you can fine tune this as you go along.
    Action is the only precursor to success.
  • saltydiannesaltydianne subscriber Posts: 3
    Dang Ric, where were last summer?!
    I just typed up the below in a pretty font and hung it up on my vision board!
    "Consider instead Ric`s Rule:
    When you are 80% ready, fire the rockets to launch.
    Your clients will probably not even notice the 20% deficiency that you can, and best of all, you can fine tune this as you go along.
    Action is the only precursor to success."
    I am keepin` on keepin` on
  • RicWillmotRicWillmot subscriber Posts: 14
    Every summer, Dianne, you will find me at www.ExecutiveWisdom.com - and I have a free monthly newsletter to which you can subscribe.

    Always wanted to say that! LOL
    Dianne, always treat yourself well, and your business will profit you for it. You are the fuel for your business that will launch the rockets so that you escape the gravitational pull of mediocrity. Keep the tanks charged up.
  • sddreamweaverssddreamweavers subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    Wow!  Another Prostores Wrangler!  My hats off to ya getting that beast under control.  ProStores isn`t an easy thing to set up and configure.  Good luck on your launch!  As other people said in this thread Pace yourself!sddreamweavers1/11/2008 4:14 PM
  • saltydiannesaltydianne subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanx Aaron!
    I have to admit the SMARTEST thing I have done is to hire a web designer/coder.  He is the one that uses ProStores and `wrestled the beast`
  • LaCremaCoffeeLaCremaCoffee subscriber Posts: 3
    Hola Dianne!  You have a nice name.  And I love your "stuff"  I`m nor much on writing, but he`s a tiny suggestion:  Post picture of some of you " stuff" in you SUN account.  Believe it or not: USE EVERY SOURCE OF EXPOSURE; barring  imoral types. Sure we can go to your page.  But first I am going to poke around your profile here.  And maybe the pics here would remind me that I`m a lazy Boy Friend and I think my Gf would like somthing you have dispayed here, or that I should go look at your site. and ORDER something.. 
  • sddreamweaverssddreamweavers subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    Can I identify with burnout.  I am working my regular job and without any in house help and no money to pay for outsourcing anything, I am doing it all, but once even the retail end of the business is launched it will be worth it.  I do think one has to take re-charge pauses, even just a day window shopping, eating in the park or a Starbucks, something.  Keep Trucking everyone!!!!

    I totally agree with this.  I either go on (at least) a ten mile bike ride every day, hang with friends, play computer games or anything that can take my mind off of things for at least a couple of hours.  I`m fortunate to be in Arizona at the moment (drumming up business) so my options are many and varied.
  • saltydiannesaltydianne subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you everyone, it is always nice to know I am not alone.
    Craig- this is the answer I was waiting for!   You are sooo right.   I am in a high anxiety phase...wondering if it will all work out.  I have put it together and now I have to go out and play.   This jolt of reality helps me put a better perspective on my beginning startup phase.   It just makes me feel better.  I hope that makes sense.   I always appreciate your insights. 
    Katt and Aaron- I am taking the kids to the beach tomorrow, no work and no laptop until after they go to bed!  Missing out on my  outdoor play time has made me a little anxious. 
    Coffee roaster/La Crema - I will work on putting some of my product pix on my profile.  After you suggested that before I did post some great pix, but recently had a problem and had to input a new membership under a new user id etc.    Keep the great tips coming!
    thank you everybody, as always there is so  much support and assistance on SUN!
  • fungusgirlfungusgirl subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi - My business partner and I are new to SUN - and also have a rebuilt website @ 70% launch. Do I, or can I let someone know to take a peek when it goes live? Hardly looked around here yet - too overwhelmed at this second - but we found comfort in that apparently we`re not alone!!
    Charlotte Clary
    Healing Leaf LLC


  • GetAGripGetAGrip subscriber Posts: 14
    Fungusgirl,  There is a section for website critique.
  • kathleenfasanellakathleenfasanella subscriber Posts: 0
    Not to throw more on your plate but are you going to Magic? It`s a great way to scout the ins and outs of wholesale accounts. Who knows, maybe you`ll find a rep?
  • saltydiannesaltydianne subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi kathleen! 
    WOW so glad to see you here. It is me, Dianne C/a.k.a, beachdianne. I have your book and admire you.  The tshirt business is my 1st act, the next act is designing resort wear/a summer only line...  you know the story.   BUT the tshirt business/designs/jewelry designs took a lot more money than I anticipated...hmmm. you already knew that.   I actually made some mistakes before buying your book and absorbing your wisdom. 
    I have thought about Magic, but my target market is the Gen Y girls who love the beach lifestyle.  The associated resort boutique buyers attend Surf Expo and I am blessed that the Surf Expo is only 2 hours south of me.  I attended this past Sept. and also went this past weekend.   It is my crowd and tons of fun!  Big corporations, plus little guys and startup designers.   I will be showing at Surf Expo in Sept 2008.   
    Reps- I did not know they had reps for `just a tshirt` line.   I feel really low on the totem pole when is comes to fashion.   I will read more and learn more. 
    I have heard from other tshirt startups that they did well at Magic. 
    Thank you as always for sharing your expert knowledge.
  • kathleenfasanellakathleenfasanella subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Dianne, yes I did recognize you but didn`t want to "out" you because you didn`t mention your connection to fashion-incubator.com . Like you said, everyone says they wish they`d found it way back when. I often feel like the web`s best kept secret and wish I had a marketing budget to get the word out. With over 5,000 daily visitors, you`d think more people would know about it.
    I haven`t been to the Surf Expo and am unlikely to go but I know that many people on F-I would LOVE to get a trip report on it if you chose to write one (I`d be happy to help with writing or editing if you need it). Btw, that would really bump you up in the search engines too so that`s an added plus.
    Magic is like going to Mecca, you have to do it at least once. If you can afford it, do it sometime. Don`t go with expectations of ROI but it`s a learning experience you won`t regret. Besides, a bunch of us from fashion-incubator will be there so you`ll be among friends. The show can be overwhelming.
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