Should I try to license?

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Hi guys. I was all worked up about a grea idea that I have. No one else is currently capturing this market, but I fear that they will soon. I contacted a patent attorney and i`m going to meet with him soon. But I did my own research and found several patents that are similar to my idea. In effect doing the same things. I`m not looking for concrete direction, but what might be a good step now?
Is it possible to try and license one of these patents? Would you guys still go ahead and try to patent your idea ayway? I noticed that the patens have been dormant for almost eight years. There is amarket out there, but this invention has not been successfully brought to market.
Again I`m just looking for your thoughts.


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    Hello Stryfe01!
    You will know so much more once you talk with your patent attorney.  I`m no expert, but first thing I would do with your attorney is make sure you are not infringing on the ones already out there, then if you could, get a provisional based on your product, then go to town!  Do you want to go the manufacturing or licensing route to market?
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    I would rather go the manufacturing route. I honestly believe that there is a solid, albeit niche, market for this product. Especially among students. I think that is exactly what I plan to do. My only thing is that I just don`t have the amount that`s needed to file if my idea does not infringe. But i`ll take this one step at a time.
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