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Hello everyone,
I`m happy to have found this community, and look forward to exchanging ideas, and finding out more about each of your businesses. I`ve checked into other entrepreneurial message boards on other websites, but none seem to offer the sound advice as I see posted here!
I am a stay at home mom to 2 kids (7 & 4) and have started a small business hand painting clothing items for children.  I recently filled a large order for a boutique in Arizona, owned by wives of several major league baseball players. It was a wonderful opportunity, but it also gave way to another idea that I have decided to proceed with as well.
In order to fill this large order, I created templates, and put together supplies for friends and family members I`d recruited to help me. It made it easy and fun, so I`ve decided to create similar kits to be mass-produce. I have my first in production right now. I am thrilled to be combining my graphic art skills and painting talents to start a business I am truly passionate about. I have meetings scheduled with several large art/craft chains when my first set of samples arrive.
I look forward to `meeting` all of you!


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