New business launched looking for contributing designers

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Bella is proud to announce the beta launch of our new site. We are a start-up
company providing designs for t-shirts for women over 35. Our idea is based on
the belief that t-shirts are an American icon and that women love them. The
issue for women over 35 is that we have no real source of age appropriate
t-shirts. The products available for us tend to look age inappropriate, with no
real fit and wear poorly.  

solution is We
are ready to start our 6 week beta test on our site to validate our concept. To give our users
the opportunity to select the t-shirt designs they want, we are launching a
series of design contests. By submitting designs for our users to rate and rank,
graphic designers could have their designs selected as a winning design, get
$75 for winning a contest, receive featured status on our social network Home
page, and name recognition on the beta-test t-shirts we print. Please let
everyone you know about Camisa Bella. The more of your friends and family you
send to the site, the more ratings you can receive; this could give you higher
ranking and put you closer to winner status.

take some time to review the site. To submit a design please see page Any other questions can be sent to [email protected].

We are
actively looking for submissions of designs. Your design could be a design that
resonates with our users. We are excited about matching up your design with our


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