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Opportunity to meet other Women in Business

stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
Our company is sponsoring this really awesome conference coming up this fall. There will be many opportunities to meet with some really neat women in business from all over the world. It is set for November 1st through 4th in Washington D.C.You may join in just the conference or also be in the marketplace. Some of my associates, friends and friends in business will be attending. If you are interested in attending, you are welcome to join us and share in our block of rooms. Check out more information at Linda Clevenger  who is the U.S . Rep. Just attending will offer you great opportunities and education.
The International Women Conference (IBWC) 2007 is a platform for meeting and the exchange of ideas between successful business women from diverse backgrounds and budding entrepreneurs. It will provide interactive sessions and networking opportunities that are aimed at stimulating business interests globally. Also, in addition the presents of celebrating successful women achievers and encouraging others to strive towards greater productivity.
The IBWC, now in its third year, has had tremendous impact on its past participants and will continue to attract high net worth individuals, multinational corporations, business coaches, and finance firms , among others on a yearly basis. The event will be jointly held by GTA LLC, USA, with support from many international organizations.
The event will address the issue of Economic Development through Partnerships. In addition to the main plenary sessions, it will have specific sessions covering access to finance, Reusable Energy, women and gender related issues, Education, HIV/AIDS, Cancer & Women, etc. Conference Objectives

To provide women with knowledge and skills on how to promote their business globally
To provide a platform for a positive exchange of ideas and networking among women with similar business interests
To facilitate joint ventures and entrepreneurial spirit among women
To discuss HIV/AIDS, Cancer, and other health issues amongst women and children
Network to promote successful businesses
To promote Peace globally
To educate women and girls globally
How to manage your finances and find funding
To celebrate Women Achievers and encourage others
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