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New Kitty grooming slicker

twenkietwenkie subscriber Posts: 2
I have discovered that kitties love to be petted and groomed with my special kittyslicker tool that I have invented from a simple household product.  The design I selected for it is similar to the size and shape of a baby`s hair brush.  It is a flat device, very light weight, about 1/8 thick and covered with special surfaces on each side of the entire device; there are no pins, plastic or rubber nobs. It does not pull out the hair, or leave  comb or brush marks, just beautiful smooth, sleek hair.   It is very easy and comfortable to  hold in your hand while slicking your kitty.  It   stimulates the thousands of hair folices resulting in a sable soft, sleek coat, lightly removes lose hair without pulling, and  produces wonderful contented purring.  This little fabulous little tool also massages the skin and muscles simultaneously.  It looks like there is some wonderful bonding going on between kitty and owner too! The product isn`t apporpriate for matted or extremely dirty hair in need of grooming or other services. The product may be lightly cleaned by spritzing with alcohol or lightly rinsed off.   I`ve started production, filed trademark and copy right documents, and now developing the web page.  This will be a web business.   I`m feeling somewhat confident this will  be a popular product with my target market, people owned by their beloved kitties, particularly indoor kitties. I have given away many prototypes to kitty owners and have received very positive feedback about it being very easy to hold and use.  Many people have told me their kitty flat refuss to be groomed with a brush, does not like being brushed or combed nor stroked with a rubber studded mitt, but they love the feel of the KittySlicker and enjoy the grooming experience and come running when they see the tool in their owner`s hand.   I would appreciate knowing if this product description peaks any kitty owner`s interest, and help on directing kitty owners to my web page.


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