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{How do I reach the medical and health supply fields??}

StickMeDesignsStickMeDesigns subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2007 in Marketing
Hello SUN`,
My company is just getting started and I`m trying to figure out how to target my market which combines style with medical function.  We design stylish glucose meter testing bags for people with diabetes. Our bags are for carrying all the supplies necessary to test your blood sugar on the go. Currently we`re networking with other diabetics to see what their response is and so far it is positive, but I want to get my bags out there on a larger scale eventually.  My question is how does one person go for hospitals, medical supply chains, and drug stores?  I have the faintest idea on where to even begin...


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    LtresselLtressel subscriber Posts: 3
    Have you tried attending any of the events the American Diabetes Association puts on? I just looked at their website and they have a way to find local events. That might give you a nice exposure and donating some helps PR causes too. Have some photo ops with someone who can use your bag. You can have someone ghost write your press release regarding x amount of bags donated by your company.After that, you can have some business credibility and open a few doors here and there. You`ll never know----Hope this helps.LT
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    StickMeDesignsStickMeDesigns subscriber Posts: 2
    You`re the second person to advise on browsing the ADA website to find local events. I`m going to take a look tonight. I`m all prepared so to speak to donate a few bags for the greater good.  Plus I think it`s just good to give like that.  Great ideas and suggestions, thanks.
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    jhuanger629jhuanger629 subscriber Posts: 4
    perhaps a booth at a medical products tradeshow?
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