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Request for a great web site critique


Per Dean’s blog:




Website goals: Outreach (marketing) to the underinsured throughout the US with employer-sponsored health insurance.  You are underinsured if the sum of your premium and total unpaid medical bills exceeds 10% of income.  I hope that the website can be the primary outreach to patients outside the Kansas City area.  The strategy for the site is to convey a sense of calm professionalism. 


Design: Off the shelf template from Yahoo’s site builder.  Time it took to build: over a week.


Please comment:


What is your first impression?  If taken there by a search engine, do you want to read more or leave immediately?


Please comment on the site’s tone.  Do the colors and fonts complement the design of the site?  Is it easily read?


Please comment on the content and layout.


How is the site’s navigation?


How can a non-techie like me make the site viewable with Safari or Chrome?


Any ideas as to a low cost approach to it being found by search engines.


Does the site satisfy its goals?

Thank you for your tolerance of a “new blogger.”  Also thank you for any thoughts and suggestions.

healthcareadvocate10/23/2008 2:50 PM
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