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New Product Advice Needed

SteviebStevieb subscriber Posts: 1
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Hey starup nation,
I am an new entrepreneur trying to launch my new product this spring.  I will be distributing a product in the US that is currently available only in the UK.   I will also be making a new website for the US based market. 
1) I need advice for how I should format my new US based website as opposed to how the uk website is set up now. 
2) I need advice/comments on how I should market my product and where to start.  I don`t have a lot of start up capital but I do have some freetime, samples and press releases that I want to get out on the market.   Any advice for which companies/people to contact would be greatly appriciated.   I would love to get the product reviewed by as many people as possible to get the buzz going in the states.
3) I am looking for comments on the product and its packaging.  You can see the basic packaging picture on the website.  It is a small 4" by 2.75" plastic package about 1/4" thick with the product inside.  It has a little sales hanger on the top for hanging on a display in stores.  Any advice on how to make the product pop or be more appealing to the general public. 
It is a great product for special events, such as weddings or outdoor dances, when women wear high heels in soft or uneven ground.  It provides protection and convenience for your favorite shoes, which can sometimes be a huge investment.  Best of all, they are descrete and wont affect the look of your heels.  They can also be used for everyday to protect your heels from damage due to sidewalks or soft ground.
Thanks in advance for any advice!!


  • vi5900vi5900 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Stevieb,
    I`m new to Startup Nation, but as a consumer bridal wear boutiques, and women shoe stores are sure target markets.
    I love your post to introduce your product to the US and I`m looking forward to purchasing for personal use.
    I`m also here to gain knowledge on marketing a product.  Much Success in the US....

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